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I want my husband to spend more time with our daughter what to do?

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    It's kind of difficult to answer your question without a bit more information....

    Is it an issue of him not having time, working multiple jobs, tired, etc? Or is it an issue of him feeling uncomfortable spending time with them? Does he spend *any* time with them? What activities does he enjoy with them if he does? Do you have sons, and if yes, is that an issue for him? What ages are they? Did he have sisters?

    The first thing you need to do is be able to talk with him about your feelings. Being married means being able to talk about your feelings and thoughts, and it may be that he doesn't realize you'd like him to spend more time with them.

    Feel free to supplement your question, or e-mail or whatever you feel most comfortable doing, but it's really hard to answer such a vague question that is a valid one if we understood more what the issue is.

    Bob H

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    Don't bug him about it!

    When you are just sitting around talking, gently broach the subject and offer to do family things together or suggest that one day a month he do something just with the daughter!

    If you nag, he'll not cooperate!

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    sit down and talk to him and tell him what you want and tell him why

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