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why is every internet search request redirected?

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    This is a malware infection called 'click-jacking' and your anti-virus will not recognize nor remove it usually. Some of these are extremely difficult to erase. It's a bad worm/trojan, not a virus and it's on your computer.You need to download and run a couple of reliable anti-malware programs, especially the most effective Malwarebytes Anti-Malware at

    and/or Spybot Search and Destroy at,22262-or...

    and/or Windows Defender at

    Of course, a thorough scan with more than one good anti-spyware programs in Safe Mode is an obvious suggestion. Hit F8 repeatedly when the screen first lights up, then choose Safe Mode, using the arrow keys and Enter to get there. Run each full scan in Safe Mode, re-booting into Safe Mode after each scan. Afterwards, delete all System Restore Points. Start > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > delete (small print on left) Create a new System Restore Point after you re-boot into Normal Mode.

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    First to envision, attempt to do a DNS flush. close all broswers bypass to start indoors the seek bar kind command prompt and there might desire to be a application with an analogous call click on it and open it. on an analogous time because it comes up it may be like a black field. the 2d it pops up kind this, ipconfig/flushdns and then press enter. on an analogous time as your finished it may say flushed powerful then attempt to open the internet browser and be conscious it your working familiar. If that doesn't artwork, receive this application. it extremely is talked approximately as TDSS Killer Kaspersky Anti-rootkit . It grew to alter into made to get rid of google redirect virus and it fixed mine in approximately 4-5 minute try. I went to having google redirect virus to a classic browser in like seconds on an analogous time because it scanned. as quickly as you receive it it may be like an basic field that broadcasts try yet make certain you turn off your internet not the browser the internet in the past you attempt to in case you grab something delete it reset computer and attempt to browse. the 2d link is HitManPro that still helped me yet HitManPro demands internet get entry to on an analogous time as your scanning. the two HitMan and Kaspersky have been given rid of my challenge so it honestly relies upon how undesirable your is.

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    9 years ago

    VISION is 100% correct. Download Malwarebyes.

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    Trojan virus

    Run your virus scanner

    Avast is a good one, free trial, if you dont have one

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    number one reason....a virus or spyware installed

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