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Why do fiscal conservatives support the republican parties policies?

According to every estimate the alternative ideas pitched by the GOP would add more to the debt, while creating fewer jobs. I'm yet to see any counter argument, to these facts which have been supported by outside groups, every study, and even the Congressional Budget Office. Not only did the GOP lead us into this mess, but their ideas, according to even the numbers they give are horrible alternatives to democrats ideas.

Why do republicans support the current GOP policies? I can understand if you are a social conservative and this your big thing, but if you are fiscally conservative not only is it the current GOP's policies that are bad but its been that way for decades:

Ranking of past 6 U. S. Presidential administrations by avg. annual % increase in federal debt:

1. Ronald Reagan (1981-1988) +129% overall -- 16.1 % avg. annual increase

2. George H. W. Bush (1989-1992) +40% overall -- 9.9% avg. annual increase

3. George W. Bush (2001-2008) +73% overall -- 9.1% avg. annual increase

4. Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford (1969-1976) +72% overall -- 9.0 avg. annual increase

5. Jimmy Carter (1977-1980) +29% overall -- 7.2% avg. annual increase

6. Bill Clinton (1993-2000) +29% overall -- 3.7% avg. annual increase


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Again I'm talking about the GOP's policies the complete list of policies, you're talking about entitlement reform, the republican party isn't. You took one variable (tax revenue based on a % of GDP). If the GOP had a entitlement reform plan I'd take that into account, but they don't. The policies people are voting for increase the debt more than the democrats and creates fewer jobs. What about that do you disagree with? (and if you want to talk about tax revenue as a % of GDP, its peak over the past 30 years occurred under the tax rate we'd have if we repealed the Bush tax cuts)

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    Because economic growth is the only way we are going to get out of the mess we are in. No matter what the tax rates, the government doesn't take in very far from 18% of the GDP. This was true after WW2 when the US had a 91% tax rate (and the only industry left on earth so we had a monopoly on manufacturing) to when it was 28% under Reagan. Also, currently, the federal government doesn't take in enough tax dollars to cover the four entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Welfare), all of which were put into place by Democrats. THAT is what is killing us. With the Baby Boomers, our biggest segment of our society, retiring and pulling money out of the system rather than paying into the system during their prime earning years under Clinton, if we continue down the path the Democrats want to take us, we are going to have a complete collapse that will make the fall of the The Weimar Republic look like nothing.

    It always amazes me how people will look at only one variable in a system that contains literally millions, and use that as the basis for their analysis, then try to intellectually mock those of us who try to take everything into consideration.

    Edit: "The policies people are voting for increase the debt more than the democrats and creates fewer jobs."

    Actually, they don't. When companies have lower tax rates and aren't plagued by the uncertainty cause the by the Democrats "war on jobs", they are more likely to reinvest into their business. As it stands now, they are sitting on huge cash reserves, taking the profits now rather than next year when they will have to pay higher taxes. They are buying up other companies, especially foreign ones. The US has the second highest corporate income tax on earth, second only to Japan, which is why a lot of multinational firms make huge profits but pay no US income taxes. They shift the profits to lower tax environments.

    The GOP is going to HAVE to do entitlement reform. There is no way around it. They aren't talking about it now because it is extremely unpopular among the dependent class, which is a huge voting block.

    "and if you want to talk about tax revenue as a % of GDP, its peak over the past 30 years occurred under the tax rate we'd have if we repealed the Bush tax cuts"

    In the late 1990's, it was a MUCH different environment than it is now. First off, businesses were FORCED to invest billions in a complete replacement of their IT departments due to Y2K. Second, a brand new technology went mainstream (the internet), plus Gingrich convinced Clinton to allow him to lower capital gains taxes. And the baby boomers were in their prime earning years and paying into the system, unlike now, when they are all withdrawing from social security, medicare, and their 401k's. Again, you are looking at only one variable when there are so many more to take into consideration! Open your mind, and step back from the Seurat painting. It isn't just red, blue, green, and yellow dots. Step back and see the big picture.

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    Most do no personal research, its to hard , so they go by hear say. As you can tell from your question they didn't get the memo on this question just yet.Im sure once the first misinformation answer you get will start a trend . They always copy off each other with the answers , but of course they change 1 or 2 words thinking this is my answer.They speak of Dem's being sheep lead into the fields , but they are being lead to slaughter.

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    Monkey in a half shell

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    They can overlook waste when it's for big guns.

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