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Where going to Cancun in October....?

and where wondering which currency is best to use? were going all inclusive and weve already brought £400 of american dollars but people are telling me peso is better to take? what does anybody suggest? :)

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  • Jim 2
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    You will take hit with the US Dollars that you purchased but you can expect $10.00 mxn pesos for them unless you take them to a bank in Mexico and then you will take less of a hit.

    If you are in the UK why in the world would you take US Dollars to a country where the currency is the Peso?

    ATMs are the way to go. The banks were giving 18 pesos for the pound last I saw but they will Not be accepted anywhere else othere than a Casa De Cambio.

    Use the ATM for as many Pesos you will need for several days. The service charges were low and the rate good.

    The only time you really need USD would be on a brief visit on a cruise ship . Do not buy Pesos outside of Mexico or you will take yet another hit.

    What you have heard about British people should take US Dollars is probably someone that tried to exchange a pound somewhere other than a Bank.

    Carry some Thomas Cook traveller's checks,if you are still nervous.

    After some quick math you will not lose too much if you take the $600.00 US Dollars thet you got for your 400 GBP. In fact you will get around 225 pesos less than had you exchanged the 400 Pounds into pesos in Mexico.

    Here is a link for you

    Source(s): Kid from Bristol 40 years of travel to Mexico
  • In our opinion either the USD or the pesos is easy to use in Cancun. However, just remember that if you do use the USD to pay for something, you will get change in pesos. So it may be easier to keep track of change and amount spent if you simply exchange money once you arrive to the airport.

    Happy Travels!

  • Hearty
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    We have been using a debit card in ATMs at banks in Mexico. Best exchange rate possible (rate at time transaction goes through your bank - same day). Do not exchange the dollars for pesos back home either.

    Save your USD for a trip where USD is the preferred currency.

  • ingles
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    i went to cancun 2 years in the past and it replaced into relaxing yet on the information there have been particularly some issues approximately violence in cancun this 365 days and it would possibly no longer be risk-free. in case you nonetheless verify to circulate then circulate to Oasis Viva, i went there and it replaced into great relaxing and a advantageous lodge

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