Do most women in Pakistan wear head coverings?


I know Pakistan is mostly muslims, but i'm finding myself wondering if they're of a more liberal variety? I'm watching a movie now taken place in modern Pakistan and only about half the women shown are wearing anything over their heads.

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    Fatwa ( ) will be ordered against the specific woman whos not wearing a Hijab

    ( )

    A Burka ( ) is almost necessary for every woman as the ''religious dress''...If the Burka is not worn, a full covering salwar kameez is okay,but the hijab is a must.. During holy months a burkha is important...

    U see Sylvester Stallone killing a whole army alone and u see Emo Vampires not suckin blood, in movies...Could u believe what u see in movies..?? If u see bollywood movies

    ( ) there is so much singing and dancing, do u think that happens in real life..??


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    1 decade ago

    Not all of them, very few wear the actual hijab, most just wear the scarf [that matches their salwar kameez] over their head. Yeah they are more liberal, some girls don't wear a scarf at all. its not as strict in Pakistan as it is in many other muslim countries.

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    if your talking about the black dressing, they wear that because of their religion (muslim) so yeah if there are muslims in Pakistan (which im very sure there are) then yes.

    Source(s): Lived in Saudi Arabia for 8 years as expat
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    1 decade ago

    A high % of pakistani woman do cover their heads with a headscarf like the one in link below .

    Often you find the scarf is around their neck then over their heads.

    like the link below.

    Source(s): pakistani
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  • 1 decade ago

    No I do not think so.I think most of them do not.

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