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妳爸爸和媽媽好嗎? 妳好嗎 ?





一直很想親口跟妳和妳爸爸、媽媽說聲~ 【謝謝】還有【對不起】,謝謝你們帶領我認識上帝,更謝謝妳不斷的幫助我認識上帝。

對不起~ 我的固執、消極,甚至厭惡上帝,曾經傷害了妳,請妳原諒我。


我很想念他們,一直以來,沒有改變過,請妳一定要好好照顧他們,可以的話,幫我轉達一句 ~ 我一直很愛他們,謝謝妳。



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    How are your parents and you?Congratulations on your completing studies and returning to the United States safely.Now, God is the target of my life, so many things are safe and smooth.Every night, I pray for you and your family, praying that God keep your safe and health.Thank God, now I go to church twice a week, one for worship service, the other for group meeting.I've always wanted to say "Thank you" and "Sorry" to you, your father, and your mother personally, thank you for leading me know God, still thank you for helping me know God constantly.I am sorry, because of my stubborn, negative, even offensive to God, those ever hurt you. Please forgive me.If there will be a chance to meet again, I want to hug your parents, let them feel my thanks and thoughts for them.I've always missed them, never ever changed. Please be sure to take good care of them, if possible, please convey my love to them for me, thank you.About the things you mentioned, I'll deal with them, please don't worry.If possible, please give me your current address; I have something to send to you.

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    How are you and your parents doing?

    Congratulations on completing your studies, and returning safely to the U.S.

    I now live with God as my purpose in life, so everything is running smoothly.

    Every night, I pray for the safety of you and your family. Thanks to God, I now go

    to church twice a week. The first day for prayers, and the second for group


    I've always wanted to say to you and your parents,"Thank you" and "Sorry". Thank you for leading me into God's arms, and for helping me to understand Him.

    Sorry for my stubbornness and my negative attitude, even to the extent of hating

    God. I hurt you before, please forgive me.

    If we ever have the chance to meet again, I would want to hug your parents to let

    them feel my thankfulness to them, and how much I miss them. I miss them a lot.

    This feeling has never changed ever since, please do take good care of them. If

    possible, help me tell them that I've always loved them. Thank you.

    About what you brought up before, I will handle it, don't worry.

    If possible, please give me your current address. I have some things I must send

    to you.

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    How has your parents been? How are you? Congratulating you succeed study and safe back to the United States. Nowadays, God is always in my heart therefore everything going well. I had preyed for you and your families. Hopes God will guarding you gays. Thanks god, I been to church twice time a week. One is prey, the other is group meeting. I always want to say thank you to you and your parents face by face. Thanks and sorry, thanks you gays led me to belief God. The most thankful is that you never end’s help let me to believing God. I am so sorry about my stubborn and negative attitude. Thus cause me even hate God. I used been hurt you, please forgive me. If we have chance to see each other, I want to give your parents a big hug let them know how much thankful and how much I had missing them. I am missing them very much. From these days, I didn’t change anything. Please take good care of them. Please help me say I love you to them if you can. I will always loving them, thank you. The thing you remind, I will go to deal with it. Please don’t worry!

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    Your father and your mother? you?

    Congratulations to you, and peace returned to the United States

    Now, I live with God, so many things are very safe and smooth.

    Every night, I have for you and your family to pray, pray that God will keep you safe and healthy.

    Thank God, I am now a week will go to church twice, once Sunday, another group of the party.

    Always wanted to tell you and your MOM and dad say thank 】 【 still ~ 【next】 sorry, thank you for leading me to know God, thank you for your continued help I know God.

    Sorry ~ my stubbornness, negative, or even dislike God ever hurt you, please forgive me.

    If you have the opportunity to meet again, I want to hug you parents, so that they feel they would like to thank and longing,

    I really miss them, not changed, you must take care of them if you can, please help me to convey a ~ I love them, thank you.

    About you mentioned, I'm going to deal with, do not worry aboutIf you can, please give me your address and I now have something must be mailed to you

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