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※請良心點不要用翻譯軟體或網頁翻~~那種我也會~且一看就看出來了= =※

※請良心點不要用翻譯軟體或網頁翻~~那種我也會~且一看就看出來了= =※



請不要用翻譯軟體或網頁翻~~那種我也會~且一看就看出來了= =

麻煩摟~~~~~~~謝謝~ 以下→





唉~~就是有一些沒良心得來賺點數= =

用看的就是知道是軟體翻的..還自稱什麼高智商勒= =

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    因為該法並未考量 --------- 此乃因為該法並未考量 (增加此乃二字)

    而國家地震工程研 - -------- 因此國家地震工程研 (而字改為因此)

    ,本研究之內容將 ------- 。本研究之內容將 (逗點改為句點,然後另起一段)


    Owing to the outcomes of seismic resistance analysis of the structures were considerably conservative when conducted with the frequently adopted traditional method “seismic resistance assessment by strength and toughness" for the reason that the non-linear doformation of the structure was not taken into consideration in the said method thus caused the analysis result subsquently differed from the actual reaction of the structure that was applied with seismic load therefore, the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering had in June 2009 approved and released a set of method for seismic resistance assessment, the "NCREE Push over analysis".

    This research will study the said new method in depth by applying ETABS' nonlinear static push over analysis and compare to the findings resulted from traditional method “seismic resistance assessment by strength and toughness". The difference between and practicability of above mentioned two methods will then be discussed.Key words:

    耐震評估: seismic resistance assessment、earthquake resistance evaluation

    NCREE: National center for research on earthquake engineering、

    側推法: push over analysis、

    ETABS :Extended 3D analysis of building systems

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    Because the abstract the tradition often uses “the intensity toughness vibration-proof appraisal law” to make the structure vibration-proof ability result extremely in conservative, because this law has not considered to the structure the misalignment aberration, causes its analysis result and the actual building is shaken the response to have a difference. But the country seismic engineering Research center verified in 98 year in June adopted a set of vibration-proof appraisal law, was “the NCREE side pushes the law”, content of this research will do the thorough research to this set of new vibration-proof appraisal method, used ETABS the misalignment static side to know and be contented with one's lot analyzes, and compared the obtained result and result of the traditional intensity toughness vibration-proof appraisal method, made a discussion differences and the usability in view of the two set of program. Key word: The vibration-proof appraisal, NCREE, the side push the law, ETABS.

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