民國98年11月:LED Light-bar開始交貨。





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    in March, 2009: Establishes the LED services department.

    in November, 2009: LED Light-bar starts to deliver.

    in November, 2009: The Foshan Asia great wild goose sets up.

    in February, 2010: After the negotiable securities counter business center agreed that registers officially to be popular the cabinet stock, and starts the counter business on February 22.

    in May, 2010: The Foshan Asia great wild goose starts the quantity to produce the delivery.

    in 2010 new factory plan: The mainland East China Factory sets up

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    Republic of China on March 98: the establishment of LED Division.

    Republic of China on November 98: LED Light-bar start delivery.

    Republic of China on November 98: Henry set up Foshan Asia.

    Republic of China on February 99: The Securities GreTai agreed to officially registered as emerging stocks, and on February 22 began the counter trading.

    Republic of China 99 May: Foshan Asia Hong mass production delivery.

    Republic of China plans new plant in 99 years: China East China factory set up.

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    In 1998, March: LED Division was established.

    In November 1998: LED Light-bar start delivery.

    In November 1998: Foshan-hung up.

    In February 1999: securities trading center agreed to formally sign in to emerging stock and 22 February to begin trading.

    In May 1999: Foshan-hung-start volume production delivery.

    In 1999, the new plant plans: Eastern factory established.

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