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hello im 22 and a mother of 2 housband and i have stoped using birthcontrol since the begenning of t?

hello im 22 and a mother of 2 housband and i have stoped using birthcontrol since the begenning of this month..ive been expiriencing a few thngs for the past 2 weeks or so...ive been having some cramping on the lower belly botton area not my ovaries more towards the middle..also i have very frequent trips to the bathrrom to pee..its almost every 15 minutes..also ive been having alot of heartburn and my nipples are a little sensitive and perky most of the time...i also feel very bloated like if i had just had a very big meal when i havent ... when i eat i get very fool fast and ive even through up because i feel like the food doesnt fit i feel the food in my throught and end up throuwing it up... does it sound like pregnancy?? the first day of my last period was August 5 and im supposed to get my next about very deperate in knowing if i am pregnant because im taking lexapro and dont know if it can harm the pregnancy.. i have some scary things going on around me and my family with people trying to hurt us and want to know if im pregnant as soon as possible so i can take alot of precautions more than we do... i hope to hear from you soon thank you very much!!!

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    If you and your husband have had regular sex this past month, especially around the time of your ovulation then yes, there is a chance of pregnancy.

    It's very hard to say what symptoms are pregnancy and what symptoms are not, especially the first weeks of pregnancy prior to it being confirmed.

    Take a test on the day your period is due and good luck, hope it's positive if you are trying to conceive.

    Some sites you mind like to read regarding lexapro and pregnancy:

    A couple are forums with people who advise against and comments of people who have taken lexapro. have a read and then you can be informed ready to discuss with your doctor.

    Source(s): baby girl stillborn 24 weeks 8.5 month old son 15.5 weeks pregnant
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