How do I create a high school where the teachers had no degree provide a degree accredited for all colleges?

I'm considering starting a free Christian school ministry for grades preschool - 12th grade. The teachers would be volunteer teachers so I would not require them to have a teaching degree. I just simply want to know where to go or/and what to do to have it where a school like this would provide a degree accredited to all colleges, even Harvard. I know it's possible to do this otherwise where would homeschooling be. Anyway, any bit of help would be a blessing. Thanks :)

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    In order for your "school" to be recognized by an accreditation agency, it would have to meet standards. You can always start your own Christian ministry school as an after school program. Students who are home-schooled must also follow a set curriculum and they must take tests which are proctored. It is not as easy as you may think.

    Shay, I live in PA, I am a teacher and I have several friends who home school. The families who I know who home school do have a curriculum and do have to take tests which are proctored for the state. It seems to work well for them as their kids have also been granted college credit. What would I know - I have been a teacher for 16 years.

    Oh and guess what, in order to pass the test, you have to know the stuff (I was taught that was called curriculum - but I could be wrong.) or you will not pass the test.

    How long have you been in education?


    Since you know everything you were wrong about curriculum and parents being provided materials. Also, students in PA are required to have a portfolio of their work to submit in order to receive a diploma.

    Other items that you are not aware of are:

    What are the Curriculum Requirements?

    The home education law specifies the subjects that must be taught at elementary and secondary grade levels. See (24 P.S. § 13-1327.1(c - d)).

    However, Chapter 5 (Curriculum Requirements of the State Board of Education), mentioned in 24 P.S. § 13-1327.1(c – d) as a resource to find other age-appropriate courses, has been repealed and replaced with Chapter 4 (22 Pa. Code Chapter 4). Therefore, supervisors should consult 22 Pa. Code §§ 4.20 – 4.28 for information regarding age-appropriate courses.

    Where do I get curriculum and materials?

    At the request of the supervisor, the school district must lend to the home education program copies of the school district's planned courses, textbooks and other curriculum materials appropriate to the student's age and grade level (24 P. S. 13-1327. 1 (f)). The law does not require that the requested materials be provided within a particular period of time. However, PDE encourages school districts to work cooperatively with their homeschooling families in this regard in order to assist these families in providing a good educational experience to their children, and to provide the texts and materials within a week of the request if possible. In addition, some state and regional home education organizations hold curriculum fairs periodically so families can see and buy other materials. Many materials are available through teacher supply shops and directly from publishers.

    Is the parent required to do all the teaching?

    The supervisor of the program, the parent or guardian or such person having legal custody of the child or children, shall be responsible for the provision of instruction. That person is not required to provide all of the instruction. (24 P. S. 13-1327, 1 (a)).

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    High schools do not offer degrees.

    Whether or not you can operate a religious private school without having licensed teachers depends on the laws where you live.

    I don't understand what you mean by " I know it's possible to do this otherwise where would homeschooling be"

    ETA: Sandra said: "Students who are home-schooled must also follow a set curriculum and they must take tests which are proctored. It is not as easy as you may think.".... I don't know what country you live in, but in the USA that is not true. A couple of states require proctored tests but none have a set curriculum for homeschoolers.

    ETA: Sandra, it is apparent by your answer here and on other questions that you have confused virtual/cyber charter schools with homeschooling. I have been "in education" as a homeschool parent for 9.5 years.

    Homeschoolers in PA do not have a set curriculum to follow. They have serveral option including sending in an educational outline of their own design.

    As for proctored tests, yes PA requires that homeschoolers take a standardized test in 3, 5, and 8 grade only if they are homeschooling under option 1 of the homeschool statute. If they are homeschooled under any of the other options (hiring a tutor or enrolled in a religious or private school satellite program) the testing requirement does not apply.

    ETA: Just because I did not mention a portfollio does not mean I am not aware of the requirement in PA. It has nothing to do with the question at hand or the correction of your errors.

    Yes the district must loan materials if requested. This does not mean that homeschoolers must use the districts curricula.

    Yes the law states what subjects must be taught, but the law does not set the curricula.

    You seem to be under the impression that optional means mandatory and that PA laws are applicable in every state.

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    I could be wrong, but I believe Home School is still considered to be under the supervision of our school district. The curriculum must cover all the required material for the grade level. There are home school companies that supply materials that are designed to meet these requirements.

    I have also heard of people who homeschool banding together to teach some subjects, but again, this is still considered to be under the district's supervision. Maybe try speaking with local homeschoolers to find out what the arrangements are?

    Would the goal of your ministry be to provide superior education in an area where public schools are weak? To some extent, that's what the Roman Catholic church has done in the past, but even they could not do it for free, at least not for everyone.

    A more modest goal might be to have an after-school homework help ministry staffed by volunteers.

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    I'm fairly sure that teachers are required to have a teaching degree and(or) teaching license regardless of whether the school is private or public.

    edit - Homeschooling is allowed, because of the individual parents' rights. The laws are different for established schools, though.

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