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Pro editers/Sony Vegas users, have questions for you.?

Ok so I love editing/making game videos and plan on making montages or pvp vids.

I am planning on getting Sony vegas, but when I tried the trial I dont remember if you could like zoom into a spot for a second then zoom back out. Example - Doing huge damage to a guy then having screen zoom to his hp bar then have screen unzoom back to normal. Is this feature in the cheapest sony vegas? or any?

Also knowing that I plan on editing game videos/pvp videos, Which of the 3 sony vegas's do you reccomend? I want to get the cheapest one of the three, because of price, but will I be missing out on alot of features?

Also keep in mind I am not a pro editor at all, and will have to play with vegas alot to learn it. The only experience I have editing is with windows movie maker, and you cant do much with that.

Thanks so much guys. Answering any of these questions would be very helpful.

Or suggestions.

Thanks all.

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    Yes, you can zoom into videos with Sony Vegas. You can use the event pan/crop tool. Try searching for some tutorials on YouTube. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube which can help you learn more about sv. (That's how I learned) I'm not sure which Sony Vegas is the cheapest, but I've got Sony Vegas 9, which is kind of expensive, if that helps.

    Well, good luck & have a good day.

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  • Glenn
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    Hi. Ye. What you are asking about isn't technically a zoom feature but rather increasing the resolution (size) of the video and centering on a particular spot and then zooming back out. Ken Burns actually does that with photos in his documentaries. You should be able to do that with lower-end editors like Premiere Elements and its Sony counterpart. As long as you control Scale and Translation, you can do it. You will need to keyframe each change and then tweak it to get it to do it at the right speed and look. If you are unfamiliar with keyframes, it's just a way to lock in a change over time. You can have several for one effect. For the one you want, you'd have the original view (keyframe), You zoom in (keyframe) and move the video (translate keyframe) to the spot you want to look at. Zoom back to the original (keyframe). This may not make sense but it will when you actually start to learn it in your app. It's fairly straight-forward and a basic fundamental of doing any effect over time. I hope that made sense to you.

    If you plan to do editing and get into effects, you may want to instead try to get your hands on an older version of Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro. It'll be harder initially but you will be learning on a better and more equipped app.

    Source(s): Premiere pro, After Effects pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Express Pro
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