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Popular Super Hero's.?

Me and my friends are taking male supers heros and making them girls batgirl super girl catwomen wonderwomen spider girl and hulk girl are already taken,who knows any others?Thanks for the help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Captain Slow

    Captain Ultra (Marvel)

    Captain Underpants

    Captain Understatement[citation needed]

    Captain Universe (Marvel)

    Captain Webcam (Pablo)[citation needed]

    Captain Yesterday (Futurama)

    Chamber (Marvel)

    Changeling (Marvel)

    El Chapulín Colorado

    Charmy the Bee (Sega)

    Chronic (View Askew)


    Clay Bailey (Xiaolin Showdown)

    Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder (the Fairly OddParents)

    Cloak (Marvel)

    Coil Man (From The Impossibles)

    Colonel Corn (Nebraska's fearless hero)[citation needed]

    Colossus (Marvel)

    Comet Man (Marvel)

    Cometman (Webcomic)

    The Coon (South Park)

    Corsair (Marvel)

    Cosmic Boy (DC)

    Courageous Cat (Partner of Danger Mouse)

    Crash Nebula (Fairly Odd Parents)

    Crimson Chin (Fairly Odd Parents)

    CRISPY (Dell Publishing Co., Inc.)[citation needed]

    Cyber Guy (Japanese anime parody)

    Cyborg (DC)

    Cyclops (Marvel)

    Cypher (Marvel)

    Captain Linger (Cartoon Network)

    Cyber Man


    (Dickey Robinson)

    Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom (TV series))

    DangerMouse (also known as Minute Mouse, partner of Courageous Cat)

    Dash (The Incredibles)

    Daredevil (Lev Gleason Publications)

    Daredevil (Marvel)

    Darkdevil (Marvel)

    Darkhawk (Marvel)



    Darkwing Duck (Disney)

    David Hasselhoff (Baywatch)

    Death to America (Mad TV)

    The DJB (David James Blakeley) (sidekick = the talbot)

    David Dunn (M. Night Shyamalan film)

    Deadman (DC)

    Deadpool (Marvel)

    Deathlok (Marvel)

    Dexter Morgan

    Die Fledermaus (The Tick)

    Doc Magus (Marvel)[citation needed]

    Doctor Druid (Marvel)

    Doctor Fate (DC)

    Doctor Manhattan (DC)

    Doctor Spectrum (Marvel)

    Doctor Strange (Marvel)

    Doctor Solar (Gold Key)

    Doctor Who (BBC)

    Doga (Raj Comics)

    Donkey Kong

    Downburst (The Incredibles; Disney)[citation needed]

    Duff Man from The Simpsons

    The Drummer (Wildstorm)

    Dynamo (Transformers)

    Dynomutt, Dog Wonder


    Earth Sentry (Marvel)

    Earthworm Jim

    Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

    Elijah Snow (Wildstorm)

    Elixir (Marvel)

    Elongated Man (DC)

    El Tigre (Nick)

    The Escapist (Dark Horse)

    Everseer (The Incredibles; Disney)

    eXcellentMan (Bon Comics) PHAT WARS (comics)[citation needed]


    Falcon (Marvel)

    Fallout Boy (The Simpsons)

    Fanthomas (Qvisten Animasjon)

    Fantomex (Marvel)

    Feedback (Matthew Atherton) (Dark Horse)

    Feedback (Marvel Comics)

    Firestorm (Ronald Raymond) (DC)

    Firestorm (Jason Rusch) (DC)

    Flaming Carrot

    Flash (DC)

    Flash Bomba (Klasiks Magasin/Filipino Superhero)

    Flash Gordon

    Flashman (Italian superhero featured in a 1967 movie)

    Fluid Man (From The Impossibles)


    Forge (Marvel)

    Frankenstein Jr. (Hanna-Barbera)

    Franklin Richards (Marvel)


    Frozone (The Incredibles)

    Fox McCloud



    Gambit (Marvel)

    Garzooka (Garfield)

    Gateway (comics) (Marvel)


    Gayson (Marc/Blair)[citation needed]

    Gazerbeam (The Incredibles)

    Ghost Rider (Marvel)

    Gizmo Duck ("Duck Tales") (Fenton Crackshell)


    Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

    Graysonb[disambiguation needed]

    Great Machine (Wildstorm Productions)

    The Greatest American Hero (TV series)

    The Green Hornet

    Green Arrow (DC)

    Green Lantern (DC)

    Grifter (comics) (Wildstorm Productions)

    Grunge (comics)(DC)

    Guardian (Marvel)

    Ghost Busters

    Gazerbeam (The Incredibles; Disney)[citation needed]

    Gammajack (The Incredibles; Disney)[citation needed]


    Hardcase (Malibu)

    Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (The Dresden Files- books, TV, and comics)


    Harvey Birdman

    Hawkeye (Marvel)

    Hawkman (DC)

    Hellboy (Dark Horse)

    Hebagloben[citation needed]

    Hellion (Marvel)


    Henry Pym, aliases include: Ant Man, Yellow Jacket, Giant Man & Goliath (Marvel)


    Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)

    Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (DC)(Elf)

    Hot Spot

    The Hulk (Marvel)

    Human Torch (Marvel)

    Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)

    Hypershock (Disney's The Incredibles)[citation needed]

    H20 Man (CBBC's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (UK TV series))


    Iceman (Marvel)

    Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

    Infra-Man (Jung-Gwok chiu-yan)

    Inspector Gadget (DIC Entertainment)


    Iron Man (Marvel)

    Iron Man2 (Luke Turner)[citation needed]

    Iron Fist (Marvel)

    Infraggable Krunk (Dexter's Laboratory)[citation needed]



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    4 years ago

    Hes greater relateable to frequent people and he has a relaxing cocky experience of humour. lots of the different characters you listed are the two scientists, fairly clever, extraterrestrial beings, relatively experienced or in basic terms wealthy. Thats no longer continuously relateable.

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    1 decade ago

    lol that's awsome um Flame boy or caption america

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    captain america

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