Which stock should I buy? I have to sell it in May. I need a BIG profit!?

so for my economics class my teacher told me to research a stock to buy (not for real though) and that we would keep track of it as a class. & whichever class made the most profit when by the end of the school year (around may) wouldn't have to take a final exam... thing is, i have NO IDEA what to look for. he tought us the jist of the market, but as i was researching, i kinda confused myself with words i didn't recognize. so maybe someone can give me advice, or any kind of help with this, i would really really appreciate it :) thanks.

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    There are many good stocks out there such as McDonalds, (MCD), Coca-Cola (KO), Wal-Mart (WMT), Microsoft (MSFT), Ford (F), Google (GOOG), Target (TGT), Netflix (NFLX), Rockwell Collins (COL), or Dupont (DD).

    You can also invest in funds such as QQQQ or SPY. If you invest in SPY, your money is automatically invested into 500 of the best American companies. QQQQ invests in technology stocks, while SPY is more general.

    I would suggest that you do not invest your imaginary money all at once, but do this: Divide your investment money into 18 parts and divide the amount of time left until May into 18 parts. We have 9 months left until May, so you would invest one part every 15 days. This strategy is called dollar cost averaging, and it's better than investing everything all at once, because if you invest all at once and the market goes down, your money would go down. Then if the market would go up, you would have the same amount you began with. No profit. But if you invest small amounts regularly, you will keep investing even if the market goes down, and you may get a chance to buy shares at low prices. Then if the market goes back up until May, you will have more money.

    There is no guarantee that the market will go down, but it could go down or up. Dollar cost averaging is considered a safe investment strategy.

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    You're satisfactory guess is to make use of an online dealer. Pick one so that it will meet your demands for order forms, the form of information you wish to have and... principal one that may aid what ever form of chance leadership you generally tend to appoint. In suppose your technique sounds high-quality if you are a speakme head on TV or Radio. In truly lifestyles, I'm afraid.... it is too convenient and eventually may not paintings. How approximately studying the fundamentals through studying two-three books on inventory making an investment. Then... make a decision what form of dealer you can be and create a technique. The final factor you do is opt for a dealer.... due to the fact that through this time you can recognize ample to make the satisfactory alternative for you.

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