what is Environmental engineering about help ASAP? or Chemical engineering?

ok so basically if it helps, im either an ENTP or an ENFP

I thought im intrested in Environmental engineeirng. But is it really all water and waste water treatment? Because if it is, it sounds disgusting.

1- What do you guys do? Dive in and take a sample?

I really do not mean to be rude but I'm lost between majors right now and would love to know the details of an environmental engineer.

2- What is covered in the program. I know its protecting air, water and soil. But how? Through what?

3- Im mostly intrested in creating a sustainable world, how does this fit in? Is it related? If not, then what's the most sustainable career you know?

4- Do you take energy classes? How to use waste in order to make energy out of it?

5- What's a normal day for you like?

Thank you soo much for your time! I know its a lot of question but i do not have many days left and would appreciate an answer ASAP (:

I would also like to ask, as an extra. Chemical Engineering or Environmental Engineering?

Is it true chemical engieners spend all day in a lab?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Years ago you have to have a degree in Chemical Engineering to become a top person in environmental engineering at a plant.

    There was no such thing as an environmental engineering degree.

    You never touch waste water - you are just in charge of meeting state compliance and environmental standards.

    You have poeple with GED's that do any dirty work.

    The government publishes a gray book - forgot the name - that covers all environmental regulations that must be followed by every company - this will become your bible.

    ChemE's do not spend all day on a lab.

    They go on to be production managers and plant manangers.

    Chemical engineers is currently one of the highest paying 4 year degrees.

    The degree is highly in demand - take it if you think you can pass it.

    If not Environmental engineers can easily make just a bit under of what ChemE's make.

    Both are rewarding careers that will get you respect.

    Remember - there is no dumpster diving - not when you are making 75K a year to start.

    You'll have people that will jump when you say jump.


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