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Is it possible to visit Pha Nang Bay, Phi Phi and Railay (at least Phra Nang beach) as a daytrip excursion?

I am trying to build an itinerary for my future trip in the Andaman Coast, and due to some time/schedule constraints (because I need to be in Chiang Mai on a certain date and I cannot change my arrival date to Phuket) I need to visit these sites (inclusion of Railay is not necessary, but preferable) just in one day. I will stay in Khao Lak, and as I understand upon Googling there are not many tour companies in Khao Lak unlike Phuket and they do not offer such a tour.

So my question is I was wondering whether you can recommend a tour company in Phuket or preferably in Khao Lak which has such a tour. If your answer to my first question is negative, then, as you may suggest, I will contact these companies to tailor a daytrip according to my needs, which leads to my second question: Before contacting these companies I would like to have your opinion, based on two itineraries in one of which Railay is included and not in the other, on i) whether such a tour would be doable (I think even if it is doable, it would only be doable with a speed boat); and ii) how much would it normally cost, as I do not want to be ripped off just for wanting a specially tailored daytrip.

One caveat is that I need to be at 17:45 (5:45 pm) in the Phuket Airport on the same day after such an intended daytrip is over. I may or may not leave my luggage to the tour company, depending on whether I would be assured of their safety. On the flip side, I am not interested in i) eating lunch in the Muslim village and visiting the reclining Buddha statute and the monkey cave, which are typically included in a Pha Nang Bay daytrip tour, as I just want to kayak through the crocodile-teeth-like limestone cliffs including the James Bond island, and I may also eliminate some non-must-see locations typically offered in a Phi Phi daytip tour, such as sightseeing around Phi Phi Lay, Loh Sama Bay, Pileh Bay, Birdsnest - Viking cave (I do not know which of these would qualify as a non-must-see). Instead of visiting Ao Ton Sai, which is also typically included in a Phi Phi daytrip, I think I can convince the relative tour company to visit Railay (Phra Nang beach in particular). During my intended daytrip, I would want to swim in one or two locations for a short time to refresh, and eat my lunch on the boat for the purposes of saving time.

PS. The very purpose of this intended daytrip is that, since I will join to a 2 nights-3 days tour visiting each and every Similan island and thus I will have the opportunity to see pristine beaches and seascapes, I want to see the must-see locations of Phuket, which are in my personal opinion Phi Phi and Pha Nang Bay and perhaps Railay, before leaving the Andaman Coast. Thailand is very far from where I live, and I do not know whether I would ever come to the Andaman Coast if I ever visit Thailand again.


PS2. I need the opinions of the people actually visited these places before, preferably with some concrete facts.

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  • 10 years ago
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    The answer is 'no', unless you plan to charter a helicopter. These places are too far apart for a day trip. I've been there and did this itinerary in two weeks!

    For example, for Phang-Nga bay, the kayak trips are at least half a day, and it will take you too long to get there for the time that you have. Railay is only accessible by boat from Ao Nang or Krabi and the trip takes about an hour each way. Phi Phi is 90 minutes from Phuket jetty and it will take you an hour to get to the jetty.

    What CAN you do in your day? You could visit Phuket Town which has interesting buildings and great food, and maybe go to one of the beach resorts for an hour or two, but places like Kata and Karon are not the best beaches I saw in Thailand.

    sorry. Never say never about going back.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Money can buy you just about anything in Thailand!

    Anything is possible if you have no problem shelling out big money to fulfill your "need" to see these places while in Phuket. There are "needs" and "wants" in life - you need to eat and have adequate shelter - just about anything else is a want.

    You could even arrange a private helicopter to take you around to these places too. This is no more silly than trying to cram 3 or 4 days of touring into a single day that ends at 5:45 PM. Is this the actual departure time for the flight or the hour or two you need to be there before your flight?

    When will you arrive in Phuket, will you be flying in the same day or will you be there the day before? You could have your hotel make arrangements for you, especially if it is a ritzy expensive place.

    One of the pleasures for tourists who visit Thailand is to actually stop and explore the places you visit, not just to check off an item on a to-do list.

    You can also use these travel forums to broaden your available specific information:

    Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Unless your in the Amazing Race Asia, I think this is a stupid idea. You will need a tour company, which they do have in Khao Lak, to do it as a private tours which will cost you an arm and leg not including speed boats. Either just work out a few more days in the area or come back some other time and do these things. Can it be done maybe, but I doubt it and I can't see the fun in running from one place to another.

    Source(s): me, thinking stupid idea me, who lived in Ranong and drove to some of these places and visited them all.
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  • 10 years ago

    Yes you can. However, you will be spending the whole day on the boat and by the time you get back to the airport, you'll have to book a new flight!

    If you want to catch your flight from Phuket, you should just check out PhiPhi which is about 1.5hours by ferry from Phuket. Bear in mind that the pier from Phuket to the airport takes at least an hour to get to.

    Check out for information about PhiPhi

    Source(s): personal experience
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