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Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 47 (Rate the Show)?

Friday Night SmackDown! Premiere: Last Time SmackDown! Debuted on Friday Night's.

Video: Highlights from the first ever Friday Night SmackDown!


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Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside and tonight on Friday Night SmackDown!

* New Number One Contender announced

* The Undertaker takes on Randy Orton

* MNM is in action

* JBL vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

General Manager of SmackDown! Theodore Long and Executive of UPN Palmer Cannon are in the ring, Theodore Long says "Playa's at No Mercy Batista will ddefend his World Heavyweight Championship against this man... Rey... " Palmer Cannon then cuts off Teddy and says "The new Number One contender is Eddie Guerrero!"

Eddie Guerrero than comes out of his victory over Rey last week inside the Steel Cage, Eddie congratualtes Mr. Cannon and then comes out World Heavyweight Champion Batista who says "We all know who you are Eddie and your my friend" Then both Eddie and Batista hug each other and wish each other good luck.

MNM come out and Melina announces Jillian Hall as their new Assistant to help them win.

Match 1: Tag Team Match

MNM (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury) w/Melina and Jillian Hall defeated. Funaki and Paul London: 5:08

Match 2: Singles Match

John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated. Scotty 2 Hotty: 4:43

After the match JBL issues an Open challenge for Next week.

Diva Lingerie Pillow Fight: Christy Hemme defeated. Stacy Keibler

Coming Up Next: Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

Match 3: Singles Match

The Undertaker defeated. Randy Orton w/"Cowboy" Bob Orton: 17:35

After Randy Orton had signalled for a Truck to come out which consisted of a casket. After Undertaker had beaten Orton, Undertaker oepened the Casket and inside was another Undertaker but a manichean, Taker was confused. AFter Undertaker chokeslammed Orton one more time before heading out of the arena.

Match 4: Tag Team Match

WWE Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom (Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal) defeated. Local Wrestlers: 3:09

Match 5: Tag Team Match

Juventud and Hardcore Holly w/Psicosis and Super Crazy defeated. Mr. Kennedy and Cruiserweight Champion Nunzio w/Vito: 7:59

Holly pinned Nunzio after an Alabama Slam.

The Show closes with More Eddie Guerrero and Batista in the ring with GM Theodore Long and Palmer Cannon they hug some more to end the show, Long says "The original contender should have been Mysterio" But Cannon says "More ratings will come if it were Eddie"


Best/Worst Match:


Roster Base = Late 2005


SmackDown! No Mercy

- 2 on 1 Handicap Casket Match

The Ortons vs. The Undertaker

- World Heavyweight Championship

Batista(c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

- United States Championship

Benoit(c) vs. Orlando vs. Booker T vs. Christian.

More matches to be announced

Update 2:

WQ: Should NXT Move to USA Network?

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    Best Match:

    1) The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton accompanied by Bob Orton.

    Worst Match: Legion of Doom vs. Local Wrestlers.

    Overall Card Rating... 8.6/10

    Opinions: I thought this show was good. John Bradshaw Layfield issuing an open challenge was brilliant & I would be waiting for whoever comes out to face him.

    The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton & "Cowboy" Bob Orton Feud is just amazing and I liked how Orton made the signal for the truck to come out and Undertaker finds out that it's a manichean. I would love to see the 2 on 1 Casket Match at No Mercy.

    This was a good show and I enjoyed reading this one.

    Btw, I couldn't find your other shows and your questions were blocked so can you give me a link to the other ones because I like your shows.

    Edit: You should bring back the Rock but you can have him stay for a limited amount of time. You don't have to by the way.

    Answer Mine.;_ylt=Ag8T3...

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    Best Match- Randy Orton with "Cowboy" Bob Orton vs. The Undertaker.

    Worst Match- Legion of Doom vs. Local Wrestlers

    Cool Show. 7/10

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    Rating: 2.3 out of 5.0 because there weren't a lot of big names and not a lot of matches.I would have included maybe Chris Benoit and Booker T vs Orlando Jordan and Christian.Also Undertaker vs Randy Orton should've been the main event.Even Batista vs a jobber (Simon Dean,Local wrestler) would've been good.

    Best Match: Randy Orton vs Undertaker.I like long matches and the thing after was cool (although it did actually happen in WWE)

    Worst Match: L.O.D vs Local wrestlers.They should have better competition if they want to prove they are the top champions on SmackDown!

    Opinions: Good show but I would've added a few more matches.I think you need to focus on getting younger guys over.You seem to focus on the Cruiserweights.Maybe you should have a 6 man match for the Crusierweight Championship.

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    Rating: 8/10

    Best Match: Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

    Worst Match: Legion of Doom vs. Local Wrestlers

    Opinions: I don't remember any of this, except for Randy and Bob Orton vs. Undertaker, so I see you are using your own ideas now, which I think is great because I love your storylines .

    WQ: No, but it should move somewhere else since Smackdown is coming to SI-Fy .

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    Rating 7.7/10

    Best match Undertaker vs. Orton

    Worst LOD vs. Local

    Opinion It was a decent show

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    this is some good ****

    10 out of 10

    i think that the NXT should go to usa network.

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    whatever happened to the superstar iniative that Long announced???

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