help on my homework! sentences?

i need help on my homework,,,, i need a sentence for each word...i would appreciate if you could help me....ty





















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    1. Someone who helps in criminal activity is called an acomplice.

    2. He aquiesced and did the dishes.

    3. The defendant was really happy when he heard of his aquittal.

    4. She was acrimonious with the other team when she lost the debate.

    5. Henry was adamant about not eating his broccoli

    6. Do not adulterate the sandwich by adding miracle-whip.

    7. She decorated her binder for aesthetic reasons.

    8. The millionaire has great affluence.

    9. He wanted to aggrandize himself.

    10. Aesop's Fables were all allegorical.

    11. Often, when a man is drunk, he becomes belligerent.

    12. the widow was in a state of bereavement at the funeral.

    13. Parsnips and carrots are biennials grown as annuals.

    14. To call oneself a god is blasphemy.

    15. 'Whatever.' was her blithe answer to the important question.

    16. the english teacher bludgeoned her students into learning how to write good sentances.

    17. the college crowd was a boisterous group.

    18. In Korea, it is considered a breach of etiquette to blow one's nose in public.

    19. Brevity is all-important when writing summaries.

    20. A bureaucracy is a group of nonelective officials.

    next time, just use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help you out.


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    1. Smith was a great accomplice, we emptied the whole warehouse.

    2. He took the book with acquiesce, knowing that he wouldn't read it.

    3. The women felt their chances of acquittal were poor

    4. An acrimonious dispute about wages.

    5. She adamant that she wasn't going to enter the competition.

    6. The meat was ground fine and adulterated with potato flour.

    7. The paintings had a unique aesthetic quality.

    8. In some societies affluence is key.

    9. Every leader wants to aggrandize themselves.

    10. Pilgrim's Progress is an allegory of the spiritual journey.

    You can do the rest.

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    At 2nd grade, a instructor is going to regularly appropriate something that isnt the traditional spelling. the reason at the back of it is that there isn't any way for them to renowned if something became spelled in yet differently on purpose, or if the youngster is basically using phonetic spellings, and that they are basically incorrect. If something, i might point out it on the subsequent determine/instructor convention. i may well be that the instructor nevertheless asks that the traditional spellings are used nonetheless. in my opinion, i might say that in the event that they choose creativity, use the sentence as an entire to be inventive. save the names of their matters spelled often to show that they do know the traditional spellings. notwithstanding, I do would desire to admit, that i think of being inventive with names is how we get those with names like River, and Rainbow, and many different hippie-appropriate names :))

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