Eminem Albums: Unreleased or Underground NO MAINSTREAM?

Albums besides:



Curtain Call


The Eminem Show

Slim Shady EP & L

The Marshall Mathers LP


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    Straight fom the lab was an EP that was released after the 8 mile soundtrack and you also missed the Re-Up album prior to his hiatus and there is an album I don't know its name that is by D12 that was made in 95 or 96

  • He did like 3 songs when he was with Soul Intent back in '94. I know two of the songs were called Biterphobia and F*ckin' Backstabber ft. Proof.

    Here's a few of his underground albums I know of, but never owned.

    Psycho - 1999

    1. Maximum Pressure (Intro) 2. Low Down, Dirty 3. Old World Disorder ft. Skam 4. Are You Afraid (Freestyle) 5. (Freestyle) 6. If I Get Locked Up Tonight 7. Pay Me (Crazy With A Razor) 8. Phone Tap (Freestyle) 9. Rhymes You Never Heard Before 10. Our House 11. My Name Is ('00 Remix) 12. My Name Is (313 Remix) 13. Freestyle (Cage Diss) 14. Just Rhymin' 15. It's Murda (Cable Guy Remix)

    16. Never Too Far 17. Turn Me Loose 18. Dead Wrong (Remix) 19. Pick It Up 20. Rush Ya Clique

    F*cking Crazy - 2000

    1. F*cking Crazy 2. Forgot About Dre 3. Green and Gold 4. Nuttin' to Do 5. Watch Dees 6. Three Verses 7. Scary Movies 8. Get You Mad 9. F*ck Off 10. Hustlers and Hardcore 11. The Anthem 12. Bus a Rhyme 13. Flyest Material 14. My Name Is (Rock Star Remix) 15. 5 Star Generals 16. The Showdown

    Off The Wall - 2000

    1. F*ck You (Lab Rat Remix) 2. Dead Wrong (Remix) 3. Off the Wall 4. If I Get Locked Up Tonight 5. Stir Crazy 6. Tylenol Island 7. Hellbound 8. Sh*t on You 9. Rush Ya Clique 10. It's Murda (Cable Guy Remix) 11. Murder, Murder 12. Thug Luv 13. Our House 14. The Kids 15. We Shine 16. Turn Me Loose

    More Maximum - 2002

    1. On the Shady Side of Town 2. Life Becoming a Landslide 3. Art Mimicking Life 4. Toying with Infamy 5. The '8 Mile' Left Behind 6. The Dirty Dozen 7. Resolution 8. The Show Must Go On 9. It's Been Empty Round Here 10. The Battle Continues

    I'm tired of typing all of this crap. The other 2 I know of are "Don't Call Me Marshall" which came out in 2003, and "Hits and Unreleased" which I don't know when it came out.

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    Well other than Straight From the lab there are no albums. But here's a list of his some of his better mixtapes:

    Don't Call Me Marshall

    The Return of Marshall Mathers Pt. 2

    What's Your Nem

    Diss Me Diss You Disk

    Cant Leave Rap Alone (On the Road 2 Recovery)

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    Infinite and the SSEP were totally mainstream.

    Anyway, there's Straight from the lab and a couple more mixtapes. Nightmare on em street and Road to Recovery.

    Well, the re-up wasn't really his album, it was almost as much as the artists he was promoting's album as it was his so I didn't include it. It's pretty much the same with the 8-mile soundtrack so I didn't list that either cus most of the tracks weren't his.

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    i'm just gonna name rare songs ttht u can look up but i doubt u can download them Desperados, I'm Having A Relapse, Any Man (I think thts off infinite but i'm not sure), We Shine, Biterphobia, Green And Gold, If I Get Locked Up Tonight, Cheese and Crackers, Till Hell Freezes Over (This one is AMAZING), and Old World Disorder (Also known as 365, or 3hree 6ix 5ive) The Demo versions of 97' Bonnie and Clyde (Called Just The Two Of Us), Rock Bottom, and I'm Shady, The Girls, and ummmm heres somme good freestyles Fubba U Cubba Kubba, Despicable (U Prob. kno tht one), Mic Fiend, Swag Juice, and Invasion Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3.

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    He did some sh*t with Soul Intent before he got signed, I think it's called "Steppin' Onto The Scene", but it's pretty rare..

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    a tribute to eminem

    a salute to eminem

    eminem instrumental tribute EP

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    Just dont give a f*ck ep

    Off the wall

    The Re-up

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    nah infinite was only underground type album em had unless he got others stored away

    Source(s): lol y u put no mainstream u jus tryna suck up to TCs n regs
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    they're arent any i know of

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