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I did round one of hcg and lost 21 pounds, i folowed through the whole protocol, waited thirty days and am now working on the second round and am not losing. I am doing everything the same except three days into my second round i got a new IUD impanted and my obgyn suggested i stop taking it until the spotting stops because the hormone could make me spot for longer. I waited until the spotting stopped, only about 3 days, and then started again with the hcg, I did not want to do two full loading days again so I did two mini loading days and then started the VLCD and am not losing at all. Should I have waited thrity days to start it again or what did I do wrong?

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    Oh gosh, I know how frustrating it is to be following the protocol exactly and not seeing results.

    From what I've read, I see a few things that are a bit off:

    1. Maintenance is more than 30 days. You need to do a full 6 weeks of maintenance (3 weeks of no sugars/no starches and 3 weeks of adding sugars and starches back in). To start before this setting yourself up for a difficult 2nd round and potentially not allowing your hypothalamus to reset.

    2. You need to keep taking the HCG drops without interuption for the entire course of treatment. You were right to listen to your doctor, but this could interfere with your results on the protocol. Birth control is an allowed substance while on the VLCD, but I wonder if you body is in the process of adjusting to the new level of hormones as well as the new device.

    3. I'm not sure what a mini loading day is -- did you do 2 full loading days before starting your 2nd round? If not, that could be part of the problem as well. You do not need to re-load if you have been off the drops for less than 2 weeks -- so stopping for 3 days and starting again wouldn't require new loading days.

    Do you have the phone number for the place who sold you your drops? If not, there are a few reputable sites that can help with this -- if you continue forward, you may have a low loss round with difficulty stabilizing, if you stop now, you can go on maintenance (and then I would recommend doing 6 full weeks of maintenance) and kind of think of this round as a wash.

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    Check out menus online before heading out so you've got a few healthy options in mind.

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    placed a lesser amount of meals away and you will probably acquire much less inside

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    berry in small amounts. little or no breads or maybe carbohydrates

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    Sip calorie-free h2o, seltzer, or green tea along with your meal instead of soda, sweetened iced tea, or juice.

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    No raw after four. Your body can’t digest uncooked food after 4pm so consume fruit and salad earlier inside the day and stick with cooked food at nighttime.

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    Get scrubbing up! Give your maid the day off and provides your pad a good clear. You’ll be amazed at the way fast you banish those bingo wings.

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    Walk to a co-worker's desk to chat instead of instant messaging.

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    For sandwich-lovers, use spinach or swiss chard leaves instead of a wrap, skip the peel of cheese, and load up on the veggies.

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