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If Obama wanted to help terrorist wouldn't it be logical to try them in Military commissions instead of?

civilian courts?

In the entire history of the Military commissions only 3 people have been convicted and 2 of them are free. The conviction rate in military commissions is 15% only 3 out of 20. The conviction rate in civilian courts is around 90%

Out of the three men tried and convicted by military commission since President Bush signed a November 2001 executive order establishing commissions, al-Bahlul is the only man to have received a sentence longer than 9 months. He is serving a life sentence. The other two, David Hicks and Salim Ahmed Hamdan (Osama bin Laden's driver), were sentenced to nine months and five months, respectively, after time served, and are now free.


If you say I am wrong about the fact that only 3 people have been convicted in a military court prove it. I am going to find and post a link.

Update 2:

David Matthew Hicks of Australia, has been convicted of material support to terrorism in the first trial by military commission under the Military Commissions Act of 2006.


David Hicks: smile of freedom

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    Conservatives who say otherwise are just plain nuts.

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    Not at all.

    The odds are better in civilian court that they will get off on a technicality, a juror will hang the whole thing like in the Blago trial, the defense will try to make things hard by demanding secret testimony which they can't get in a public trial.

    Giving terrorists a civilian trial with all the benefits American defendants get is the biggest help Obama can give to terrorists. And he knows it.

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    I've said from the start Bush and Fox TV were pulling for military trials since they know military courts don't execute people, and this was the promise Bush made to Bin Laden's Saudi family to get them to sign off on the 20 billion dollar oil deal he made right after 911.

    Fox did it of course because their Wall Street contacts in the oil business doing business with Saudis told (or payed) them to.

    Source(s): "Make sure none of these Saudis get executed, and we'll do a oil deal with you" - I can just hear it, and Bush saying "Gee, I think I can do that for ya Skipper!"
  • I had not looked at it that way.

    My opposition to the Military Commisions is that they subjected us to accusations of running Soviet Style show trials.

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    Oh I guess that explains why he refused to call them enemy combatants anymore, gave his speech in Cairo to his fellow muslims, and insisted on terror trials only blocks away from ground zero.

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    Those are lower level hacks ur talking about.

    Bush actually tried many in civilian courts.

    KSM (WTC MASTERMIND) wants to use the civilian court as an opportunity to bash our country.


    Source(s): Common sense....get some.
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    Makes sense to me.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Obama wants the media circus to help advance his agenda of tearing the country apart.

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