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Good last names for my two characters?

I'm writing a story and I'm having trouble coming up with the last names for my characters. .I like the names Jessica and Kyle together and I'm for sure going to use them in the love story. I was thinking of using the last name Williams for Jessica's last name or maybe Jessica you have any good ideas for Jessica last name? Whats a good last name that fits along with Kyle? I was maybe thing Spencer but that doesn't seem to fit well enough together...or maybe the last name of Thomas or Wilson? So the last names could be

Jessica Williams or Jessica Smith

Kyle Spencer or Kyle Thomas or Kyle Wilson

Do you guys have any ideas on a possible idea of a good last names that fit with these characters??

have any ideas on that one?

3 Answers

  • hunt
    Lv 6
    10 years ago
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    from your list i like Jessica Williams and Kyle Thomas.

    Jessica Chapman

    Jessica Wiley

    Jessica Enright

    Jessica Matthews

    Jessica Addison

    Kyle Bradley

    Kyle Austin

    Kyle Davies

    Kyle Davenport

    Kyle Britt

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  • Lv 4
    10 years ago

    Jessica Williams is a much better fit than Jessica Smith because Smith is just too common.

    Kyle Wilson would be the best choice out of Spencer and Thomas

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  • 10 years ago

    I prefer Smith for Jessica, though I actually love Jessica Anders (don't know why) and Kyle... well I would have to go with Kyle Spencer though I think a last name sounding like Crace or Gray or Grace would be kind of better (in my opinion) But oh well! Hope I helped and luck with ur love story ;P

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