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How To Name The Compound TiI4?

Wikipedia calls it "Titanium Tetraiodide", but it's a molecular compound, so aren't prefixes not supposed to be used?

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    The rules in my classroom and most classrooms are these....

    1. Metal-nonmetal or metal-polyatomic ion ==> use the Stock system (includes Roman numeral when necessary

    2. Nonmetal-nonmetal ==> Greek prefix method.

    Trying to use a system based on how covalent or how ionic are the bonds is a fools errand. The only clear-cut demarcation is this ... Metal-nonmetal, use the Stock system. Nonmetal-nonmetal, use the Greek prefixes. The stair-step line clearly separates metals from nonmetals.

    Titanium is clearly a metal and iodine is clearly a nonmetal. Therefore, the name is titanium(IV) iodide. Period.

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