Is news about Pakistan Match fixing correct?

Cricket, Pakistan VS England

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    No team has been accused of match fixing. 2 players in the Pakistan team have been accused in a newspaper report of arranging to bowl a couple of no balls at pre-arranged times so that people can wit a bet. The news broke in the U.K. newspaper the News of the World which has often exaggerated,

    set up or totally invented news stories in the past. The matter is being investigated by Scotland Yard and the various British and international cricket authorities. If the story is true it is indeed a

    sad day for cricket and particularly for Amir, at 18 one of the most promising fast bowlers I have seen in 50 years of cricket watching. I am British and I hope unbiased. We must remember that Pakistani cricketers are the poorest paid cricketers in the world; they come from a country blighted by political

    turmoil for many years, that has just experienced one of the world' worst natural disasters and where many people (including possibly the families of the cricketers) are desperate for money. These

    factors do not totally excuse their behaviour if they are found guilty, but they might partially explain it

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    The source is very reliable and they have exposed these sort of activities in the past as well so it's credible and Pakistan cricket is plagued with many scandals. It seems the whole country is going to the dogs lately.

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    Of course

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    pak arab rocker, you must be really naive to be insisting that it's not proven yet.

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