This question is for Army NCO's. Can an NCO (Army) stop junior enlisted from going to the promotion board?

I am an Army Specialist. My NCO (E-5) refuses to send me to the board. The reason he says is because I don't know my MOS well enough. The truth is, I work hard and do my best and for the most part I do a good job, however, there are parts of my MOS that I don't completely understand (some of the networking principles). He tells me that I am a good soldier and that I am always on time and that I do my best, but because I don't understand some fundamental parts of the MOS, he doesn't want me to go to the promotion board. He says that NCO's are often left on their own to work on tasks and projects handed down from higher. Because I don't understand certain fundamental parts of my MOS (25-B) he's doing me a favor and saving me from getting punished later on for not be able to do what an NCO is expected to do such as making decisions and giving out tasks to soldiers under him/her, he says. What get me, is most things I am able to accomplish, there are just a couple of items, like I said, that I don't completely have clear. It really upset me when he said that I was not a "producer", that I needed to be shown everything. Most things I do fine without the help of anyone else. In the 2 years that I have been working in the unit, they haven't ever sent me to any classes. Everything that I know is by experience with hands on. As I was receiving my monthly counceling from him, I asked him if possible to send me to class so as to have a better knowledge of the things that I lack understanding in. He said that I didn't need any classes because classes were just an introduction to the subjects. He said I need to google those things and learn them from the internet. So basically, because there are some parts of my MOS that I struggle with, he will always refuse to send me to the board and every monthly counseling will have that I lack in understanding in my MOS. I feel really hopeless because I will never get a go a head on the promotion board, and he will continue to say I don't know what I am doing in my MOS. He went as far as telling me I would be better off reclassing to something that I would be better at. Also, a few months ago, he called me in his office to give me my monthly counceling. Little did I know, but he had invited the SFC, and a civilian who works with us. I didn't know that NCO's could invite civilians into monthly counceling. I was humiliated because he spoke in front of them telling them how I didn't know what I was doing and that I needed to do better. Fine, tell me to do improve is the purpose of a monthly counceling, however, I was upset that he invited other people to sit in on my monthly counceling, especially the civilian GS-12. He keeps telling me that I am a really great soldier and I work hard, but I really need to reclass and get in the MOS that suits me.

Any insight or help would be highly appreciated. Is he violating any regs by holding me back simply because I struggle with certain aspects of my job? Did he violate any regs by inviting civilians to my monthly counceling without my consent? Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    With folks like LT Dan telling you to go to IG, I am sure that your Sergeant wanted to ensure that others were aware that he was counseling you to do better and that you presently don't know your job.

    How are you supposed to be part of the "Backbone of the Army" if you can't train your subordinates in all facets of your MOS? It's obvious that you can't do that because you've admitted that there are parts of your job that you just don't understand.

    What happens if you are sent to the board and get 200 points and then get promoted the first month you are eligible? What kind of NCO will you be?? You are supposed to be working at your next pay-grade level NOW to go to the board - and you aren't!!

    He _IS_ doing you a favor - and the Army a favor. Yes, it hurts like hell, but take it for what it's worth - he's trying to help you.

    The last thing you want to do is complain to the IG when you are not ready to be and NCO - and then have the unit agree to send you just to shut you up - and then give you a Board Score of ONE POINT. I've seen it happen... and it will screw you for years.

    Work harder and he'll be the first to sign off on your recommendation to the CO.

    Source(s): Over 23 years of active duty military service - and I'm a former Army SSG.
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    I have to support your NCO. That you get monthly counseling with guidance is rare. He can invite whoever he wants, and typically the humiliation thing is when he doesn't know what else to do. Pay attention to what your NCO is telling you. If he wants you to google things and learn them from the internet, then do it. Demonstrate you are improving in certain tasks. If you have to ask for help, make an effort to learn that task cold and then show your NCO you have it next time. When a call or whatever comes up, if you can say, I got it, and he doesn't have to worry about you, then you have a case for him to send you to the board. Until then, practice and study.

    Just a tip, no matter how many times I got my tail end chewed off it always grew back. The right answer is always, "No excuses sergeant, I'll do better next time," and never, "It wasn't my fault." Again, just a tip. Good luck.

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    i second your NCO on this one. if you dont know your job why should u get promoted? granted your just a computer geek so it might not seem that big of a deal to u, but what do you think happens if someone in an MOS where knowing your job mattered more (11 series, 13 series, 18 series, 19 series, 21b, 68w, etc etc) didnt know theres? soldiers would get killed. so should someone whos out there fighting and doesnt know their mos get promoted? **** no. so why should you, a remf/pog/fobbit (no offense), be any different?

    i also second him with teaching yourself. if you teach yourself something, you'll know it better than having to listen to a lecture. theres medical procedures i havent done in years but i can still walk anyone through them step by step because i taught myself them. same deal for you: teach yourself it and you'll remember it even after you ETS.

    that civilian thing is a bit messed up, but ur e-7 has ever right to be there.

    no he's not voilating any regs for not signing off on you going to the promotion board. if anything he is upholding them since you dont know your job.

    Source(s): former 82nd airborne
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    to be honest i stopped reading after a few sentences.

    But how do you expect your leader ship to promote you to a supervisory position if you don't even know how to do the job that you would be expected to be supervising

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    IG, EO complaint or Chain of Command or JAG, or Chaplain or congressman.

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