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Pokemon: tabletop adventure best pokemon?


i started playing pokemon: tabletop adventure which is pretty good

here are my pokemons

starter : "





monferno (shiny)

our group is currently in a forest with a waterfall and ruins i saw a luxio and im chasing it so far but im looking for a pokemon that would help me move around i chose magnemite for magnezone but he doest move far just 5 steps then i thought flygon but 5 steps too then i thought luxray but 5 steps too

so my question is which pokemons would be the best to ride/surf/fly with?

i was thinking of a dodrio with 7 steps but were in a forest so might take a while before i can capture one!


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    Rayqaza would be the best pokemon to do all of those things. Jirachi is good too, but mostly for surfing with limited abilities for the other two areas.

    Hope that helps!

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    Pokemon Tabletop Adventure

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