Applying to out of state colleges?

I recently moved out of my home state (about a year and a half ago) because my mom made me:( but this is my last year of high school. I want to apply to the college of my dreams which is in my home state, but im afraid it will cost so much. One girl told me that you can apply to colleges in your home state if you haven't lived in the state you are in for more than 4 years. Is this true? someone please help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Different colleges/states have different guidelines for out of state students. At my college for instance in arkansas it allows students from Missouri and Tenn and I think one other state (basically ones that kinda border arkansas) to come without having to pay out of state tuition. If they are farther away like california for example then they would have to pay out of state tuition. The best advice I can give you though, is to look at the school website and see if it has any information and if you can not find it there call the school and they will direct you to someone who can help answer any questions you might have. I would make a list if you have multiple questions and make sure that you have your ACT scores and that they meet the schools admission guidelines. Most colleges though require a 19 on the ACT or your scores on the SAT.

    Hope this helps you and good luck on your college adventure!

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