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Anonymous asked in SportsRunning · 1 decade ago

How to be faster and build up speed for track?

I need to build up my speed, im defiantly not the slowest but there are people who are faster then me and im determined to beat them. Im very tall for my age and all the people faster then me are very short. Are you fast if your short? I run the 100 meter so i don't have to worry about stamina but i really need to build up speed. Also i want to empress this guy on my track team because hes sexes and thinks guys are better then girls but i have i crush on him anyways. I want to show him girls can beat guys but i also want to show off a little:) Mainly i want to be faster to beat my rival aka my brother. Hes set many records for my school(hes really well known, people are always saying he better then me) and i want to follow in his footsteps but rise above and beond him. The most important reason i want to be better is for myself. I want to pass my limit, i want to get stronger and be proud of myself for once so please help my reach my goal? How can i because fast and stronger a soon a physically possible?

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    You said the magic words: you are fast and tall! Good coaches can not resist asking - would you like to run hurdles? Your story suggest that you might be good at it. You should consider it.

    Food for thought:

    A better 100m run – form and technique will get you there. - ptfa.geo answer:

    How to sprint longer and faster? - ptfa.geo answer (400m base work for sprinters and hurdlers)

    How to run 200m faster - ptfa.geo answer:

    400m training:

    Beginner Hurdles:

    Go to this website, pull down the white page in order to see the black page. You will see a small moving picture of a hurdler doing three steps between the hurdles, this is what the "hurdle form" looks like. If you click on the picture and hold down the click on the picture, it may stop at some motion points, it did for me.

    When hurdlers go over a hurdle, they normally say to themselves (step, 1, 2, 3 and then go over the hurdle again). Beginners use five steps by saying to themselves (step, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then go over the hurdle again). To get the fastest hurdle speeds, you have to learn to 3 step them.

    The girls take somewhere between 8 to 10 giant steps to get to the first hurdle. The guys take between 7 - 9 giant steps to get to the first hurdle. Out of starting blocks, of course. In both the male and female cases, the fewer the number of strides taken to the first hurdle, the better.

    Hurdlers run the hurdles, not jump them. The leg you stick out over the hurdle is called the lead leg and the other leg goes across the hurdle like a dog's leg when using the bathroom near a tree. The dog leg is called the trail leg in the hurdles.

    Guys should also know, that the hurdles in college are three inches higher than high school hurdles. (36 in. to 42 in. high)

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    make a training montage

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