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My jailbroken ipod wont turn on!!! help?

My jailbroken ipod wont turn on should i drop it into a puddle of water and turn it into Apple?

My friends brother jail-broke my iPod touch a couple of months ago. it was great no problems until once it ran of charge. it did this a couple of times before and once i put it into iTunes it works normally. but this time i did the same but the PC says the device is unrecognizable?? idk anyways.. a couple of weeks later i plugged it into my new PC after i just downloaded iTunes and, the laptop recognized it but once i opened iTunes it says it has detected an iPod that is on recovery mode and you must restore this device. i clicked restore and it downloaded iPod software. it still does NOT work.... i tried putting my iPod on dfu mode.. it does not do that!! i really have no hope in this iPod touch but i really don't want it to go to waste.. i was thinking because the warranty is voided since i downloaded it... should i just drop it into water to destroy it and ship it to Apple. This way they have no idea if its jail broken and will ship me back a new one or what?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! i do not know what to do? if there are alternative solutions please help!!

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    restore it to the normal first

    then go to

    easiest jailbreak ever even supports 4.0 firmware.

    I experienced that before and I panicked too till I restored it to normal and waited for something to come along.

  • 5 years ago

    DFU won't do something for you, in case you get a clean one, do not circulate into that mode. attempt urgent Sleep/capability button for slightly, yet while it would not artwork then you certainly're out of success, toddler. do not mess with DFU mode.

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