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Anonymous asked in HealthOptical · 1 decade ago

Cystic acne treatment?!?

I've had severe pimples and white heads the last year and a half. They all vanished, but now I get cystic acne! I've been to the dermatologist many times for shots, medication, and consultation. He strongly recommended accutane, but my family doesn't have insurance. I've had laser treatment done along with high dosage shots in korea, this helped my cysts a lot. But the korean derm. also said it was odd that my skin isn't perfectly clear (apparently it was suppose to be after all the treatment). The medication he gave me made me sweat so much, like sweat even when I;m not hot. This made school life impossible, so I quit that after 2&half month of using. Through the last three months of laser/shots/medicine, my cysts went down a lot.

Now they're coming back up and are getting redder! I read on the internet that cysts are suppose to hurt on touch, but mine has no feeling. They just feel like a bump on my skin that occasionally gets itchy. I don't scratch or pick at it, but they just won't go away. They're all in my side jaw areas, a few black spots have already formed. When I got a cyst next to my eye, it cleared up in a few weeks. But the ones next to my jaws seem like they're been there for over a year. Is there any meds that help clear up cystic acne?! Home remedies that work?!

I've tried Benzol cycline (I think thats what it's called)

I still wash my face with Benzol Peroxide (10%) couple times a day

I don't eat greasy foods, I eat mainly vegetables and rice.

I take 1 a day teen advantage, zinc, and Vitamin A every day.

I've tried putting tomato pulp on my face, apple cider vinegar too.


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  • Lily
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    I have had cystic acne almost my whole life. I did prescriptions, birth control pills, everything. The only thing I have ever found that works is Murad. I really mean that. I only have occasional breakouts now and they are few and far between. Usually, when I am super stressed out or something. You might want to try it.

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  • Brenda
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Dry and/or greasy skin due to poor oil composition of the skin. Thick greasy oils clog pores, lack of oil leads to dryness and irritation. You need thin oils to moisturize while dissolving and clearing gunk in your poors. Try fish oil or seafood. 2 tsp fish oil a day or 4 servings of seafood a week. Stick it out for at least 2 months; it will take a long time to replace all your oil. Any effect after 1-2 days is temporary or random; so even if it makes you break out a little at first, you haven't given it a full try yet.

    In the short term you can wash and moisturize well, but that will only go so far. Plus excessive washing can be drying and excessive moisturizing can be clogging. Use a small amount of a light moisturizer, made with oil not jelly or grease. Often that means soybean oil or mineral oil. Mineral oil means mined from the ground. So soybean oil is usually better, though mineral oil won't cause too much harm. Clean with soap and water, not a harsh acne cleanser. Even then they only work so well. So you really need the seafood.

    Antibiotics aren't really good for bacteria long term, they'll come back in force after. Short term they may help. After you get off them find some kefir with acidophilus listed first or 2nd to replace the friendly bacteria they destroyed. Studies show less illness when you have these bacteria, even outside the stomach in places such as the lungs and elsewhere. You want friendly bacteria to fill the void when the antibiotics stop, not harmful ones.

    In the short term you might also try 100,000+ iu retinol vitamin A (a megadose, and too much for normal use) or one of the acne drugs that is similar to retinol vitamin A. It's some minor harm to your organs, but it helps against bacteria on your skin. At least it doesn't have the other long term drawbacks to your skin that antibiotics and many scrubs do.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Usually, cystic acne responds to retinoids, powerful drugs that are derived from vitamin A type molecules (or retinoic acid). However, these drugs are very dangerous for women of childbearing age to use, as they are known teratogens (they cause birth defects). Usually, if someone is using Accutane or retinoin, they must sign a release stating that they will not become pregnant, and use at least two forms of contraception. You must see a dermatologist to be prescribed these drugs.

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