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i lived in new york city. planning to go to niagara falls with my family of five. i dont want to go to?

canada side. just US side. can anybody help me to find nice and cheap hotel for a night in near by.. like buffalo. one of my friend been there and said that he booked hotel in buffalo.. any idea please.

Also what else is there to see around niagara falls. i have only sunday full day and monday half day and i dont mind to start my drive early morning...

Please help me on this.

Thanks a lot

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    Assuming that the Sunday and Monday you are talking about is this weekend (Labor Day), then finding something cheap will be extra difficult this close to the date. According to Travelocity, there are 26 lodgings in the Buffalo area between $60 and $100 per night. I have stayed several times at the Motel 6 on Maple Road in Amherst, New York when headed up to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario. I have found it to be well appointed yet small and near more than enough other restaurants and stores. However, it might not work out as well for a larger family, as I was traveling, at most, with only two other people in each of my stays there. This weekend, they have a $55.99 rack rate. I last stayed there three years ago when the rack rate was $44.99.

    Frankly, if you are driving to and from NYC, you'll spend about as many waking hours in the car round trip (14 hours) as you will in Niagara Falls. Add to that the lack of things to do on the American side when compared to Canada and, honestly, you're describing a trip I wouldn't enjoy. I speak as a person who first went to Niagara Falls 35 years ago and have returned many times since. Plan for Niagara Falls when (1) you can go across the border into Canada and (2) you have enough time to actually enjoy what you are doing instead of racing there and back.

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    between Niagara Falls and NYC, there are some exciting places which you will spend an afternoon - many ski inns. playing is technically unlawful in ny. Indian reservations are no longer technically IN ny, so which you will locate them scattered around the state. Six Flags in Darien Lake is relaxing interior the summertime. no remember if that's a weekend, plan on long lines. Do a weekday in case you may. bypass on the Jetboat in Niagara Falls - that's a great relaxing holiday! Baseball corridor of recognition is in Cooperstown, massive apple. commute time Niagara Falls to NYC is approximately 7 a million/2 hours. important cities on the way: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghampton.

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    Went myself recently and can tell you the best stuff to see is on the Canadian side. You're making a mistake staying in the US. It would be like going to NY City but staying on the New Jersey side in Newark. I had a brief time also and hadn't been before, so booked with Elite Tours of Niagara Falls. They bundled in activities like the Maid of the Mist (goes under the falls), the butterfly farm (amazing), and the sky tower (just OK). They take you around and all is for one price. I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard on the Canadian side and it was nice but no falls view like the Sheraton or Embassy Suites. Food and souvenirs are expensive so bring food if you want to have breakfast / lunch in your room.

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    If you are planning to stay on the US side, you are on the wrong site to ask about cheap hotels etc. Go to an American site.

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    why ask in Canada if your staying in the us

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