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Suspicious money spent..familiar with Fayetteville, NC?

My husband and I share a joint account. Many people think this is a mistake, but I do have my own. It's just for savings though! I am responsible for managing the finances and making sure the bills are paid on time so I am frequently on our banking site.

I'm currently visiting my family and as it is getting time to pay a particular bill, I signed onto the account yesterday and then tonight to make sure it went through. Tonight my husband spent over $100 on something, though I'm not sure what, at an address that to my knowledge, does not exist. Once I get out of school and our bills get paid off, money won't be an issue like this. But $100 during this time of month is a lot.

For those of you who are familiar with Fayetteville, NC, does 300 North Raleigh Street ring a bell? The road sounds familiar..but I'm thinking it is around Bragg Blvd., which is not the best of streets (strip clubs galore). The internet also says that Raleigh St. starts at no 300 would be available. I asked my husband what he did today, but he replied nothing other than hang out with some of his friends and eat Mickey D's. I'm not ready to push the issue unless it is at a place he shouldn't be. He is in the military and makes most of the money during the school year.

How should I handle this without making it sound like I don't trust him? I don't want to make it sound like I'm being ridiculous over a little money...but I'm feeling suspicious on this one.


See, I thought that at first..and almost had a heart attack. However, that is on North Dawson Street in Raleigh. Fayetteville Street is a big street in Raleigh so that is what comes up on most of the search engines rather than Raleigh Street in Fayetteville.

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    1 decade ago
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    You need to bring the $100 expenditure to his attention and ask him if it was him who spent that money because your account could have been hacked into criminals. For that reason alone, you have a legitimate reason for querying him. And, if you have been hacked into, you need to advise your bank pronto so they can take action.

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    Number one reason marriages bust up...finances. Way exceeds Fidelity. Your financial plan had better get better because if he is out blowing $100 that is not properly budgeted then that is the start of a very bad situation for your relationship.

    It is more dangerous that he is screwing up your family finances than if he was in a love shack with a bimbo.

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    UMMMM That address is very familiar. today I went to 400 sun-chase ave it intersects with North Really st

    . I had to use that intersection to get back to my room,staying at a hotel traviling. I threw my back out again and hgad to call for a massage but they were closed. So I went to craigslist and the had a liust for happy massages, well that name happy reminded me of my wife. So I called and she told me she could com e at midnight??? Thats strange doing massages at mid night, my wife use to do me and I would do her. But my wife stopped giving me massages 6 months ago??? anyway the poor girl tring to put food on her table working at midnight..they must have a tough union here because it's going to be 300.00

    wow thats a lot for a massage.....she must be ok for that price,.

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    It's a Days Inn... maybe he got drunk at a strip bar with his buddies, and was responsible?

    Ft Bragg... go figure... guys coming home from war and being irresponsible...

    Source(s): Pearl Harbor
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    1 decade ago

    My first thought is that some third party has access to your bank account and is swindling you. It happens surprisingly often, transactions you haven't authorized...

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