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jonesybugg asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

Plastic Tanks for Fish?

So me and my boyfriend have a 10 gallon glass tank currently. We have 3 cichlids, a sucker fish, and a rosy fined barb. All the fish, except for the barb, are growing to be very big. We were looking into getting a bigger tank, but they are very expensive. (we are college students). We were wondering if the big plastic totes can be used as a tank or if there are toxins in them. We figured it would be a cheep alternative.


We dont need a heater for ours. the fishys like it at 75 to 80 and we always have the tank in the sun or in the warm area. we really arent looking for something pretty just something so the fish arent so crowded and so they have room.

Update 2:

And they have plastic totes that are about 26 gallons

Update 3:

PS for college students- 100 is expencive! thats about half a book.

Update 4:

the cichlids are African cichlids... not sure of the exact type. 2 are green with dark spots (the larger of the 2 has a blue face...kinda like this one not sure y) and the other is all orange with 3 white spots on the bottom fin. the sucker fish looks like this guy -->

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes you can. Pretty much all those containers are "food safe" so won't toxins.

    A lot of fish breeders use them for breeding pairs or fry growing tanks. The fish don't care if they can see out or not.

    Depending on what your cichlids and "suckerfish" actually are, you may need a lot more space in the future. I'm moving one cichlid and one suckerfish into a 85gal tank soon as they are outgrowing their current 4ft tank.

    A 10gal is just NOT going to work, at least a bigger plastic tub will be an improvement.


  • 1 decade ago

    It's not advised or pretty at all, but they can be used. Try to get the clearest one you can find. Also, buy some kind of cheap netting you can tape down over the top or something. Your fish will jump out if you dont. Remember that you also have to have an adequately sized filter, gravel, plants... It has to be the same setup, just larger.

    For a bigger tank you might try Petco right now if you have them. a 55 gal. is only 55 dollars. $1 per gallon tank sale right now! :)

    Definitely :)

    I've kept many fish in plastic tubs. And the best part? You can get the things in like 100 gallons if you look around. Wal mart should have an awesome selection.

    Also... I would leave your barb in the ten gal. if thats an option for you. It needs a few buddies or its own kind.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I would see a big problem with the heater melting a hole in the side. If you can't afford a bigger tank soon I would really suggest perhaps selling off your fish or finding someone that can take them for you for a bit. At least the cichlid and sucker fish.

    If your sucker fish is a common pleco those fish can get up to over a foot in length. 26 gallons will not cut it. Also you will need some sort of vented top?? To prevent fish from flopping out onto your floor. Not to mention how to get a filter in there you will have to have a filter.

  • M
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    1 decade ago

    You are better off with the glass tanks. Those plastic totes are not meant to hold fish in or water for so long. I believe you will have a harder time cleaning and maintaining those totes. It would suck for you, the fish, and possibly your dorm room if that were to get a crack and leak. Stick with the glass tanks, even though they could be expensive now, it wouldn't be much of a headache later.

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  • 1 decade ago

    expensive? we bought a 55 gallon for 300$ so you could buy a 20-30 gallon for a 100$ you have way to many fish in your current tank, that's how many your suppose to have in a 20 gallon tank,.. and a plastic tank look ugly and cheap, and i doubt you can buy a plastic tank thats bigger then 15 gallons.. so really you can just find a nice glass tank, look on ebay and look up fused tanks and you can probably get a nice tank for under 50$

  • 1 decade ago

    A lot of very serious aquarists use them. It is always a good quick, cheap and handy tank for emergencies.

    Source(s): 60 years of raising, breeding and showing tropical fresh water fish
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