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are v necks supposed to be loose?

i like wearing v necks that arent really that loose more like tight( but not tight tight). I've seen some of my friends wear v necks that are loose? i was just wondering how youre supposed to wear v necks( i really only like to wear v necks and blouses so i could really use some answers :D )

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are suppose to be fitted! Im guessing your friends are buying them lose because that is in style now!

  • 1 decade ago

    v neck can be won loose or tight. usually are worn tight by girl , because they want to be with boys as a flirt . guys Wear it tight also because they want to show off their chest if they have abs . Again , girls can wear it tight , but in style , you can wear a large one with a undershirt under , and a BUNCH of necklaces!-it looks really cute like that! so maybe if you imagine that as cute , you can wear it , but still wear tight(;

    Source(s): me and my clothes(:
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    V-necks can be worn tight or loose, it just depends on the style!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i do no longer think of that sexuality determines a guy's cloth cabinet, yet gay adult males do care greater approximately clothing. I even have observed that gay adult males placed on multiple Hollister and Abercrombie shirts. They placed on tight installation clothing and in many cases turn flops. it truly is purely from seeing my sister's many gay friends :) i like them regardless of the undeniable fact that, are not getting me incorrect. i think of v-necks on adult males are so warm yet there are various people who think of those are purely for gay adult males. skinny denims are no longer gay!!! numerous at present adult males placed on skinny denims, and that i beg adult males to placed on skinny denims while you evaluate that's what i'm into. Please do no longer think of that your type tells people no count in case you're at present or gay, on account which you're a guy and you opt for for to placed on severe high quality clothing would not recommend you're gay. this is frequently what we call metrosexual regardless of the undeniable fact that. (My band instructor is metro, yet i like him to loss of existence) save alongside with your type!! do no longer exchange because of the fact people remark on the type you seem.

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