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Can I sneak this mouse onto a plane?

Okay so i found this baby field mouse by the lake and these kids were abusing it and hitting it with sticks and burrying it in sand so I was sitting there holding it and it fell asleep in my hands...then I set him down which he awakened very quickly and tried to get back onto my hands and I fed him some bread while he sat there next to me eating it so he's okay. But he's the littlest of his group and there are LOTS of snakes around and I dont want anything to happen to him:( he's not very fast either and he's old enough that he doesn't need his parents. So he'd be okay for me to take:) cuz I love him:) but my dilema is that I'm in North carolina right now and I live in wisconsin...so were flying back this monday and I'm gonna have to pay to carry him on right? But I heard u need to get all these checkups and health certificates and what not ahead of time so i was thinkin of maybe sneaking him in my pocket while we go through the xray? Or will it show up.....I just love him he's the sweetest thing...nothing the other mice and I really wanna take him with me so he doesnt die so soon...he's just a baby and hes so close to the water:( I know your all gonna say i shouldnt take him but idk I just feel that its the right thing to do...I'm 15 btw not 4 wanting to take him home and then not do anything but put him in a box. I've had hamsters before and everything and I'd do all my research...oh please dont say to not take him. I just need plane answers:)


oh!!! I just found out that it was a vole!! :D

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    Put the mouse/vole back where you found it. It's a wild creature, not a pet, and would feel like a prisoner if you took it home and put it in a cage.

    You are not allowed to take a mouse/vole on a plane. It will be illegal to take into the cabin, and you certainly can't pack it in your checked baggage. The creature would need to be totally secure and that means shutting it up in a box. You won't be able to take it out of the box, and how will it eat and drink in those conditions. In addition, the poor little thing will be absolutely terrified.

    Just put it back in the wild where it will be happy. Yes, snakes could get it - that's life - but it could also lead a very long (for a mouse/vole) normal life with creatures of it's own kind. You're not thinking of the welfare of this creature, but selfishly thinking of how you'd like to look after it. Taking it away from it's natural environment is inhumane and cruel.

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    i am going to say no you probably could not get away with it, but if i were you i would just call the airline and ask. you do not have to tell them who you are. if you need to get some sort of health certif. maybe you can see a vet b4 you leave. gl.

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  • 10 years ago

    Confucius say: When smuggling voles through security, don't get caught.

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    heres a question for you, suppose he doesnt want to stay in pocket?

    also since you are required to empty out your pocket going though secuirty

    the lump might cause the TSA agents to pull you out for secondly screening

    then what would you do? you also would have to check with your airline.

    also check


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