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How can i not be shy ? what are some way that can help me ?

Are there any way to help a person that is shy to not be shy and be able to speak with other people in feel more comfortable?

What step should i take?

Because I really want to be able to speak with people with out being scared

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  • kiss4u
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    1 decade ago
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    First you have to realize about odds.That you loss 100% if you do not act. If you act you learn from what you do. I was shy. I learned too late there was girls that would go out with me i just had to ask. I waited and some one else asked. Did you get on the bike the first time and ride like a champ. No you needed to practice. Even if you fall and hurt your knee. You keep trying till you was able to stay up. Girls are the same. Keep smiling and saying hi. Sooner or later one well smile and say hi back. Keep practicing. You can go to the mall and practice.

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you sure it's just "shy"? First things first, I'd rule out social anxiety. If your shyness interferes with your life on a severe level, you may be socially phobic.

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