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Name a band that you (20 fackin characters)?

Hated at first, but eventually warmed up to.

BQ: Punk vs Jazz

BQ2: Last musician interview you watched?


Yeah, I've never even seen a video of Christgau, so I wonder if he's actually like that too.

Update 2:

@ Jenna Napalm, I used to love RHCP, now I hate them :)

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    The Clash

    BQ: Jazz, but I am liking more and more Punk, I still find most of it to be boring and unmusical, but the better examples of the genre (like The Clash) are coming to life for me now.

    BQ2: Perhaps one of Brian Eno... on porn.

  • Never Shout Never, The Devil Wears Prada, and Bring Me The Horizon.

    BA: Punk without a doubt.

    BA2: Asking Alexandria

  • Queens of the Stone Age.

    BQ: Punk

    BQ2: Nardwuar interviewing Steel Panther.

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    BA: Jazz, although I do like a lot of punk.

    BA2: Johnny Thunders, I think it was. I want to watch an interview with Robby Christgau, though, just to see if he's as snarky as his reviews make him out to be.

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    9 years ago

    Interpol, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Tool, and many more!


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    Pink Floyd, I couldn't really stand that progessive rock but as I learned from a friend who guided me, Floyd is astounding.

    BQ:Punk; but I do love Jazz - Sinatra and Valli are ingenious.

    BQ2:The Black Keys - Want a link?

  • Jane's Addiction

    BQ: Punk


    Youtube thumbnail


  • Ryan
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    9 years ago

    Not hated, but just never gave a chance.....and that band WAS Coheed and Cambria. Now I love that band :)

    Again, NOT hated, just never listened to until recently.

    BQ - Punk

    BQ 2 - Brandon Boyd

  • Dave
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    9 years ago

    Megadeth. One of my favourite bands now, ironically.

    BQ: Jazz. It inspired metal, plus the skill and timing is whack.

    BQ2: An interview with Dave Mustaine.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Iron Maiden. Seriously. My brother's a fan, so I've been kind of getting into them. It's just not my type of music so I really hated them at one point.

    BQ: Jazz

    BQ2: I don't exactly watch too many musician interviews, so I don't really know. >_<

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