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How Do You Put An Image On IMVU?

Ok i got sick of looking at other's people's cute avi's. So I look over the internet and found out I could use GIMP. And i edited my avi's picture saved it. the name had looked like this *(123657.png)* (on gimp) and when i tried to upload it. (on imvu) It said (Note: uploaded images have a maximum size of 160x220,

can be PNGs, JPGs, or GIFs, and can't be over 39k). And i cant figure out what i did wrong i tried looking over the internet again but couldnt find any anwser. And i didnt change size or what type if i did i did it by mistake. how do i change the size or type? Please help and THANKSS!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well you need to make sure your pic meets the requirements that IMVU gave you. You can do this by going to the pic on your computer and either hovering your mouse over it or right clicking the pic and going to 'properties. Doing these things will show you the file size, file type, and file demensions. If your pic is not 160x220 then you need to resize it and try to upload it again. If your pic is over 39kbs then you can go here to upload it. With that link you can upload IMVU pix up to 100kbs.

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