Middle name for Juliana? + BQ.?

Juliana is pronounced ""joo-lee-AH-nah" NOT "joo-lee-ANN-nah"

Please give at least 5 suggestions for middle names for the first name Juliana. (Please no "youneek" spellings or unisex names). And please do not use any of the names that are already on my list:

• Elisabeth Lucille

• Caroline Ruby

• Esmé Charlotte

• Katherine Sophia

• Rose Madeleine

• Isobel Kathleen

• Stella Vivienne


If you had to choose between giving your child three middle names, or no middle name at all, which would you pick and why?


-- What are your Top 2 favorite names off of my list (posted above)?


Name triplet girls using these initials:

-- CS

-- LH

-- NR

Please STAR so more people can see it! :)

♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη


Forgot to say -- Please no filler middle names (ie Marie, Grace, Hope, Lynn, Rose..)

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  • 10 years ago
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    • Juliana Amelie

    • Juliana Wren

    • Juliana Iris

    • Juliana Eve ♥

    • Juliana Penelope

    • Juliana Alice

    • Juliana Elise ♥

    • Juliana Erin

    • Juliana Kate ♥

    • Juliana Rosalind

    • Juliana Claire

    • Juliana Belle

    BQ - Three middle names :) If they were somewhat short & not too much of a tongue twister then why not. :) I couldn't do something like Amelia Penelope Matilda Guinevere, but if it were, Amelia Jane Ivy Kate then that wouldn't be too bad. :)

    BQ2 - My top two are actually the first two on the list.

    • Elisabeth Lucille - I adore both names, & they compliment each other so beautifully. I love your spelling of Elisabeth too :)

    • Caroline Ruby - Again both names are amazing. I love how they sound together.

    BQ3 -

    • Caroline Serena

    • Lily Helena

    • Norah Rosalind

    Jess :)

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  • 10 years ago

    Juliana Genevieve

    Juliana Alexandra

    Juliana Angela

    Juliana Alba

    Juliana Scarlett

    Juliana Nola

    Juliana Noelle

    Juliana Giselle

    Juliana Grace

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  • 10 years ago

    Juliana Nicole

    Juliana Diane

    Juliana Eleanor

    Juliana Penelope

    Juliana Harriet

    Juliana Imogen

    Juliana Layla

    Juliana Rosalie

    1. 3 middles names

    2. Stella and Ruby


    Chloe Sienna

    Lillian Hannah

    Nicola Rose

    Hope I Helped


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  • Juliana Lily, Juliana Elise, Juliana Madeleine, Juliana Marianne, Juliana Penelope, Juliana Carmen.

    1. 3 middles, I like having the idea of 2 names.

    2. Elisabeth Lucille and Katherine Sophia.

    3. Charlotte Selena, Lillian Hailey, Nicole Rosemary (Charlie, Lilly and Nikki)

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  • Juliana Paige

    Juliana Nicole

    Juliana Madison

    Juliana Isabella

    Juliana Marie

    BQ: 3 middle names i guess

    BQ 2: Katherine Sophia and Isobel Kathleen

    BQ 3: Caroline Sophia, Leah Hailey and Nicole Renee

    Source(s): ♥Jamie Elizabeth♥
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  • 10 years ago

    Juliana Amelia

    Juliana Elise

    Juliana Scarlett

    Juliana Adele

    Juliana Danielle

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  • 10 years ago

    Juliana Trinity

    Juliana Zoey

    Juliana Mackenzie

    Juliana Faith

    Juliana Autumn

    I would give them 3 middles because I would feel soo left out if I didn't have a middle name.

    I like all of your names but my favorites are Stella Vivienne and Caroline Ruby.

    Camila Serenity

    Lucille Haley

    Natalia Ruby

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  • 10 years ago

    Juliana Chloe

    Juliana Natalie

    Juliana Emily

    Juliana Abigail

    Juliana Charlotte

    1. 3 middle names, because i would like for my child to be unique in many ways, this is 1

    2. Caroline Ruby & Stella Vivienne

    3. Carmen Selena

    Leah Hayley

    Natasha Rosalie

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  • 10 years ago

    Juliana is so pretty and elegant. I would suggest:

    Juliana Christine*

    Juliana Claire

    Juliana Cecilia

    Juliana Elise

    Juliana Alexandra

    Juliana Elodie

    Juliana Lillian

    Juliana Katherine*

    Juliana Yvonne

    Juliana Gwendolyn

    Juliana Susan

    Juliana Nathalie

    Juliana Clarice*

    Juliana Eleanor

    Juliana Loraine*

    Juliana Elisa

    Juliana Wynn*

    Juliana Meredith*

    * are my favorites. :)

    BQ: I do like two middle names, but three is just to much. You would also totally lose the flow of the name, so I would go with none. For no middle names I would do Leah, Claire, Hallie, and Erin for girls, and Cole, Grant, and Lucas for boys. :)

    BQ2: My favorites off you list, though they are not my style, Stella Vivienne and Elisabeth Lucille.

    Stella Vivienne-I really like Vivienne and it is very pretty. Stella is very nice as well, but I am not a huge fan of "ella" names.

    Elisabeth Lucille- I love the spelling Elisabeth, it is so much more appropriate for an adult and I love Elisa. Lucille is very pretty as well. I considered adding it to my list but I did not fit in anywhere. :(


    C.S.- Claire Sandra

    L.H.- Leah Hope

    N.R.- Natalie Renée

    Fun. I'll star. :)

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  • Juliana Camille

    Juliana Hazel

    Juliana Violet

    Juliana Elise

    Juliana Maeve

    BQ - I would go with three - I have a couple combinations I like with two middle names already, so it's not that much of a stretch.

    Clara Genevieve Lily Katherine would probably be my girl name, and Isaac Jerome Charles Marshall

    The middles are all after family.

    BQ2 - Caroline Ruby and Rose Madeleine

    BQ3 - Camille Susanna, Lenore Helena, Nadine Rosalind

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