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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

Are my parents just plain crazy?

My parents filed for divorce two months ago, my mom since has slept with another man and my dad moved out of the house. My dad for some reason went back to my mom a week after that and slept with her again. They don't live together but they spend a lot of time with eachother now. Thats cool, thats their business and not mine except for the big fact that everytime Im around them they tell me details of the divorce and why the other person is so wrong.

My sister was in town on vacation for the past month and a half and we both got front row seats to the screaming, police being called and psychotic episodes and down right disgusting facts about the others anatomy. My sister left last Monday and since then theyve both called me a couple times for help or errands and today to hang out. Im in my early twenties, I have my own life I can't let them be so damn dependant on me. They always call and text me after only three days of not talking to them for them to come over to their house and " i should call them sometimes." Are they too needy or am I just wanting too much space?

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    they are being too needy.set some firm limits,every time they try to vent out their issues,suggest a marriage counselor or therapist.they'll eventually tire of hearing this and might leave you alone

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    Because they're both going through a painful breakup, it would be nice for you to be there for them for anything except listening to gossip about one another. If they ask you to do an errand, gladly do it. If one starts belittling the other, say something like "I do not want to hear you and (mom/dad) putting each other down. I am going to leave unless the subject changes." And then do if it doesn't.

    If your Mom is sleeping with another guy when your Dad is not there, your Dad shouldn't take her back. But that's up to them to resolve.

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    I'd go with the just plain crazy. When people like your parents are cycling back and forth like that, your best bet is stay away from them. They each want to use you as someone to complain to, and you don't want to hear any of it, especially the intimate details. Try to stay clear and good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    well first of all ur mom slept with another dude, so side with your dad and if they start talking to u about it listen, and then tell ur mom shes wrong ans shouldnt have done that but its none of ur buiseness and not to talk to u about it anymore, then talk to ur dad and do something with him thatll make him happy, and say u know ur mom was a whore and hes right but its not ur buiseness and not to talk to u about it

    although think of it this way, they r having a hard time and your the only person they can open up too, so listen to them, but ur moms still wrong

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  • 1 decade ago

    All parents are just plain crazy.

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