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Persons Unknown Finale!?

I just watched the persons unknown finale on nbc, and even though the commercials said that it was only a miniseries, and all would be revealed, nothing was revealed and they completely set it up for another season! Persons Unknown fans, what is going on? Will there be another season, bc I just wanted to know what happened; i wanted it all to clear up.

Does anyone know what's going on?

I'm really annoyed!

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    Big disappointment!!! I didn't get a single question answered, and no NBC,all was not revealed! I seriously hope they don't leave it at that. Why did you lie to me NBC and tell me all would be revealed? I wish I wouldn't have let myself get wrapped up into this show.

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    Persons Unknown

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    I am...

    You know what? I have no words to describe this. I don't know if there will be a second season, I hope that this is their way of telling us there will be? I don't know, but it hasn't got a lot of viewers, and I can't see them picking it up for another season unless it moves channels. But if it ENDS like THAT, WITHOUT a second season, just WHAT IN THE WORLD? I am left with FAR more questions than answers. What does McNair remember?! Does he remember Moira?! Is it like when Joe got re-educated? Tori really is alive? Renbe is in the town? Level 2? What?!

    The only thing I got from that is that they can never leave the program, and that Joe is like a teacher in some ways, and gets them ready for level 2. PLEASE, let there be a season 2. It cannot end like this, it really can't. Ugh!

    I have absolutely no clue what is going on. I feel as if watching this show has put me in the program and I've now been brainwashed. I'll be looking for the men in the blue coveralls...

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    Call me a nut job, call me a conspiracy theorist or call me a complete total idiot. But the answers you've all been looking for is right in front of you. They don't make movies and tv shows only for our entertainment there is always a meaning behind every motion picture. And its crazy but this one is so clear. We are in the Program. The Program is our life. There is no freedom. We have to pay bills, we have to eat accordingly to survive, sleep, or we can do these with different intervals and get unhealthy. It's the facking illuminati. People need to wake up man. The town is a symbol for our society. Yes freedom is out there, but we are being manipulated by something bigger than all of us.... I cried at the end of this show, because it's so true. We can never escape their capture. Why? for a little example... The sole reason why we can never give up our phone. Enough said.

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    I really think that they should do a season 2 and put it straight to dvd. I'd buy it without a doubt. The trouble is, not a lot of people watch this, because, (a) they moved it to Saturdays, which nobody watches tv on Saturdays, and (b) they never answer questions. I am such a huge fan and i'll be very angry if there isn't a season 2. I don't care how they do it, dvd or television, i'll be watching. There are so many unanswered questions still... i'm so hooked. I hate the people who are saying they won't watch because NBC lied or whatever. I don't care, i'm interested in knowing what the hell level 2 is and everything else. I want MORE! So please, whatever you do NBC, make a season 2 PLEASE!! And nope, nobody knows what's going on ha ha. I've heard that there likely won't be a season 2 which is effed up. I'm super mad that it's all over for the summer. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! SEASON 2 will be so so so much better now that we know a LOT more about the program. We just don't know their reason for anything.

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    Ahhh! WTH?? I just asked the same question on here because I didn't see your's, but yeah, maybe because they got good viewing they decided NOT to reveal all and instead stretch it into another season? I want closure! These last 2 hrs. did NOT make sense! How did they all separate? How did 2 of them get to Morocco? Why did they put Renbe in with Joe if they know that Renbe knows of Joe? Are they supposed to fight over Janet? Why were Kat & the Ambassador in cages??

    No me gusta! *pout* =(

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    highly upset watched from the start thanks to my dvr but still missed that 11th episode. what happen to Kat and the italian ambassador and what's up with the boat at the end level 2 my foot!!!Joe and the reporter gotta start all over again? and now Tory is the night mgr how long was she even involved?

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    Dr. Shredder wow at your answer. Anyways, the DVD has the first season thing. It's isn't produced by NBC so it could always get more seasons elsewhere. NBC was just promoting it like that (to lure in unexpecting viewers is my guess), the ending is really confusing to pretty much everyone, but you could always think and wonder yourself. I'm not upset that everything wasn't revealed, anything could happen.

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    Clearly based on the triangle flag on the ship at the end, the persons unknown are being prepared for a greater role with the illuminati as they (the organization on the show) have been kidnapping people for over 50yrs. Certain select people are being "recruited". Possibly to be reinserted back into society once the PROCESS is complete. @DamonCampbell

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