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Fnjfkd asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

How did John Brown’s attack on Harpers Ferry add to the tension between the North and the South?

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    John Brown's attack on Harper's Ferry further added to the tension between the North and the South because he was openly opposed to slavery and believed it was his mission in life to ban slavery altogether. He was eventually hanged for his crimes and viewed as a crazed individual. Brown's actions were essentially one of the main causes of the Civil War because it showed that the view on slavery between the North and the South would never be resolved and that war was inevitable.

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    John Brown Attacks Harpers Ferry

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    Raid On Harpers Ferry Definition

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    President Abraham Lincoln mentioned he grew to become right into a "erroneous fanatic" and Brown has been spoke of as "the main arguable of all nineteenth-century people. additionally killed slavery, sparked the civil war, and seeded civil rights. Sup[posedly delivered relating to the Civil war yet no longer probable because of the fact the Civil war wasn't approximately slavery or perhaps liberating the slaves. he in basic terms have been given his sons killed that day and him in a while. The North and South have been already at odds over states rights and that's what sparked the war. Lincoln sia d"If i visit be a president of a united states of america, this is going to be an entire united states of america" and then states began seceeding and the rest is...properly...background.

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    It was an act of terrorism. The attempt to seize a US Arsenal in order to inspire slaves to take arms against their masters, clearly fits the definition of fomenting servile insurrection, one of the charges of which he was convicted.

    It also took Bleeding Kansas and moved it into the United States, I mean of course the actual states, Kansas didn't enter the Union until 2 years later.

    Some historians said that the militia system in the South had been a joke up until this time, and this act by Brown and his sons, made the southern states increase training and improve organization of their militia, in defense against a possible slave revolt.

  • tuffy
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    1 decade ago

    It made a martyr out of Brown for the northern abolitionists. It increased the fears in the South that the slaves would rebel against their owners. It was beyond tense, and that was needed was a spark to start a Civil War.

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