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i need help with cropping a picture?

i have a picture and i just want me and the keyboard in my picture and im a terrible cropper can somebody help me?


woops i forgot to add the image lol its here :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could crop in from the right to where you leave a bit of cable coming out of the keyboard (for context), and crop in just past the white upright window support (so our eyes don't go to the windows). It would turn the photo into a vertical shot - which is fine. And, it would put the focus on you.

    If you have any skill with editing programs to blur the background of what remains after that crop - that would help to keep the focus on you.

    If what you're talking about is selecting and extracting just you and the keyboard (vs. cropping the pic) that's a more complicated process and requires skill in photo editing programs like Photoshop Elements, Gimp or full Photoshop to do well.

    Good luck with your project!

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  • 1 decade ago

    The problem with cropping to just the keyboard is that the image will lose to much information. It will look pixelated. Sure it can be cropped but you would need to keep the keyboard the same size as it is now. You can't blow it up to fill the frame.

    Cropping is very difficult and a lot goes into it, for one when the picture is taken the photographer understands how much will likely be cropped out, so shooting wide and then cropping creates headaches. If however you shoot close in, then you may need the extra room that is now not there. Like I said It is difficult.

    In general, about a third of a picture can be cropped out and still have a usable image, in your case, it's just too much.

    There is software than can extend a picture, in PS4/5 a tool in it can help, however it also is difficult to properly, judged by your lack of knowledge I doubt you have this.

    Also is a 3rd party tool that can blow up images "Genuine fractals" can blow it up, but you would need to be experienced to use it, and of course it isn't free. Sure regular Photoshop can do it, but results are pretty bad.

    My recommendation is that you ask someone to do it, I can for you, but its a real pain for me to do it, I am tired and hate having to post it in some forum.

    if you can't find someone, just crop it with the tools you have, but keep the image small.

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