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Insect bites: ugly bug that is invading my flat?

I have been getting mosquito-like bites on every part of my body.. it itches and burns. I started noticing little beetles on my ceiling and lingering on light fixtures. When I kill the bug its guts turn mustard yellow! ha ha ew.. Anyway, can someone tell me what kind of insect this is and how to prevent its presence? By the way it's multicolored and seems to have parkinson's due to its inability to stay still (constant movement and flicking). I keep killing but want to avoid such capital punishment!!



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    I think that you are mistaking, beatles don´t eat blood, thre are only two insect genres (acaridae are aranae) that eat blood, the dicoptera (flies and mosquitoes) and himenopterae (bedbugs) I think that those were not beatles or those are not your parasites. (but their presence is really odd).

    Now if those are the parasites, then Im affraid that you have to find the nest first. i know what you are thinking and you are right, must be like hundred of them in your walls, inside of the floor. Is very likelly that one of your neighbours is actually th source of thos disgusting insects, he or she must be really undoing and have the house filled with dishes and dirty clothes and stuff, ven if you take ou all the bugs they will be back because your flat is the park for them, but they still have their main house.

    Once you localize them better use insecticide, if you can use biological control, that could be the better choice if there is a predator for them and there is no ecological or even health risk for use it.

    You can also try garlic water and eat B vitamin pill twice at day, you will stink but they will not sting you.

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    Insects on your ceiling and light fixtures won't hurt you. It's the ones in your bed that hurt you. The big question is, "Are the insects on your ceiling the same as those in your bed?" but you didn't give an answer to that question. You need to find out. You may have bed bugs; there is a national outbreak going on. But bed bugs don't "flicker."

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    Bed bugs or fleas. Might want to start wearing a dog collar and burn your sheets.

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