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How do i know if im lovesick and if she likes me? plz help 10 points, any answer greatly appreciated?

so i just introduced myself to this girl i like at work after months of building up courage and she would always kinda look over at me occasionally and wen i introduced myself to her she was kinda happy and then the day after she approached me and asked for help lifting something which she maybe could have done by herself, but i find it funny cuz as soon as introduce myself she seemed to need help the day after, how do i know if she likes me and i might ask her to go on break with me tomorrow, what do you guys think? im 17 and going into gr12 and i believe she is too but go to a different school and i think about her so much i sweat for no reason and dont have a big appetite, i just asked her if she would like to go on break with me today and she said she couldnt cuz she had to talk to someone and i asked if she worked tomorrow and she said no thank god, y didnt she tell me wen she works next so we can go on break then? she doesnt want to?, was that an excuse for her to not go on break with me, have i lost my chance with her now or is there still hope?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    She might of been intrasted at first and then lost it or shes trying to be hard to get, help me with my question!!! peacee

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