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97 ford speed-odometer gear or Sensor?

Does the speed-odometer use a gear with a cable or a sensor with wiring harness?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Since U don't specify which model I found this: for a ford ranger but would similar to most fords. Good Luck I hope this helps!

  • danzey
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    4 years ago

    in case you cycle the biggest on and stale three times to get your diagnostic codes, it ought to have a code 15 for no speed sensor sign, nonetheless it does not continuously set this code. i've got considered them not even manifest on a diagnostic test gadget and be undesirable. an undemanding thank you to attempt it is that in case you have cruise administration that became working and supply up whilst the speedometer stopped working. that for the duration of lots of cases potential the fee sensor is undesirable. on the grounds which you have a 5-speed transmission, this could probable be the only different significant symptom of a nasty speed sensor. to attempt the sensor off the motor vehicle with an ohmmeter, connect the meter to the two terminals on the sensor, and whilst rotating it (rotate it slowly), you may desire to get 8 pulses of 0 resistance with countless resistance between each and each pulse for each finished rotation of the sensor's shaft. something and it needs to get replaced. The sensor is on the backside of the transmission close to the output tension shaft. it is on the firewall ingredient, held in place via a unmarried bolt with a 2-cord connector, no speedometer cable. whilst changing with a clean sensor, you will might desire to take the kit off the previous sensor and positioned it on the recent sensor. If the subject isn't your sensor, then examine the wires going to for breaks, cuts, etc. If that's not it, the cluster itself might have long previous undesirable.

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