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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

So Beck's answer is for the USA to turn to God. How well is that theocracy thing working out around the world?

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  • Spook
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    1 decade ago
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    Having a belief in a higher power does not mean having a theocracy. That statement is just dumb. Faith is a personal thing, not a political agenda. I would rather live beside a practicing Christian with a moral code than a atheist with no code of ethics. That is not to say that all atheists have no morals, but most people need a compass to keep them on course and religion provides a direction of moral conduct. Case in point, how many today have no feelings for others, caring only about what they want, doing their own thing regardless of the consequences to others. If that is a moral code, you have a problem. Once we could leave the house unlocked and the keys in the car, but since the liberals exiled God from the picture, we have had a severe drop in morality in this country. How's that working for us? Drugs, murder, car jackings, home invasions, identity theft and a host of other immoralities that we did not have to contend with a half century ago. Those were only things that happened in the ghettos of the large cities. Now it is everywhere without exception. Once a murder in a rural state was rare and quite the news item, today there are several murders a day. You may wish to shun God in your life, but that is your choice, but keep prepared to defend yourself from your immoral neighbor.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is no theocracy here or anywhere else except maybe the Arab countries. USA was built on Judeo-Christian principles. Here we have freedom of religion, and that means we are free to worship anywhere and any way we want. There are factions that wish to make this country free FROM religion. They say it is ok to worship, but only in private. As a result, this country is losing its soul unless we get back to God. Look around you; just read some of these "Questions", look where society has deteriorated. Is that the kind of place you want to live? We can be so much better. However, even as bad as all that, this is the only country where people are sneaking in and not out.

  • 1 decade ago

    Survey says:

    Polling Data

    Poll Date Sample Republicans Democrats Spread

    RCP Average 8/10 - 8/26 -- 45.9 41.6 Republicans +4.3

    Newsweek 8/25 - 8/26 856 RV 45 45 Tie

    Reuters/Ipsos 8/19 - 8/22 950 RV 46 45 Republicans +1

    Gallup 8/16 - 8/22 1600 RV 47 44 Republicans +3

    Rasmussen Reports 8/16 - 8/22 3500 LV 47 38 Republicans +9

    Time 8/16 - 8/17 827 LV 43 37 Republicans +6

    Associated Press/GfK 8/11 - 8/16 890 RV 49 45 Republicans +4

    FOX News 8/10 - 8/11 900 RV 44 37 Republicans +7

    Gallup 8/9 - 8/15 1600 RV 50 43 Republicans +7

    Rasmussen Reports 8/9 - 8/15 3500 LV 48 36 Republicans +12

    CNN/Opinion Research 8/6 - 8/10 935 RV 48 45 Republicans +3

    PPP (D) 8/6 - 8/9 606 RV 45 42 Republicans +3

    Rasmussen Reports 8/2 - 8/8 3500 LV 46 39 Republicans +7

    Gallup 8/2 - 8/8 1600 RV 49 43 Republicans +6

  • 1 decade ago

    If you look at this great Nations history, in times when the people of the country turned to God, we've had some of our most prosperous periods of time in our nation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It worked great for the Isrealites when they obeyed God. all their enemies were vanquished easily, their crops did not fail and when there was famine in the land God showed them how to prepare for it. Lesson learned.

    time to repent and turn back to the One who planned us before we were born and the One who says, 'I am the Lord your God. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.'

    He offers two paths: one leads to a life of blessings, the other to curses and death. Hint: choose life!

    when a society chooses not the blessings of God, they get: destruction, disease, disasters, drunkenness, divorce, and down-right depression. (Seen any of that where you live?)

    Trouble is, gee whiz, Mr. Beck does not realise that in order for a nation to come to God, it is on His terms, not just in the way someone thinks they can 'return'. Saying, 'God bless america' a hundred times does not mean that God will bless America. God is waiting for a whole nation to repent of their deadly sins! (Gluttony, greed, murders, sloth, envy, wrath, lust and PRIDE. yeah, and all those parades too.)

    When sin comes in like a flood: it's time to turn to the Word of God: especially in the information age!

    Source(s): the bible
  • 1 decade ago

    I think its great but he should have specified which of the 3,000 different deities that people believe in on Earth. At least we have 3,000 different choices - I'll choose Zeus this time around - think Glenn Beck would like that? History is going to laugh out loud for years at Glenn Beck - the court jester of the conservative movement.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hows not believing in the Lord Jesus Christ going to work out for you?

  • 1 decade ago

    Beck is is a moron Or I meant to say MORMON the doctrines of christians and mormons are different I don't even know why the hell he keeps talking about Jesus. Mormonism and Christianity are not the same thing. He should look it up

  • Power
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    1 decade ago

    gosh, all the republicans need now is the other Mormon, I can't even think of his name, he is the one with the son's who didn't join the military cause they were helping him get elected. Oh, Romney. The republicans are already brainwashed by the right wing media, the churchs & the fear from all that has driven them to help the drug companies so being Mormon must be the next part of their cult life.

  • 1 decade ago

    It will work Better than the hopey changey thing is

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