Degrassi: The Breaking Point?

I have a few questions about The Breaking Point.

(not to be confused with The Boiling Point, The Breaking Point is the second half of Season 10, which will begin in October)

I heard Alli is leaving Degrassi and will be back. Why is she leaving?

Any spoilers? :)

& is this the last season of Degrassi?

Also, which characters will be gone?

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    -Clare's parents finally divorce and it leaves her emotionally unstable. She deside's tp gp against her religion and cancels her abstinance. She wants to have sex with Eli so she throughs herself at him, but he truely knows that she is only doing it because she is rebeling. He knows that she is truely not ready so he rejects her offer. That is when she is walking away crying. She then thinks that he does not find her "sexy" or "physically attractive" so she changes her look to the goth look because she thinks that he would like her more like that.

    -Eli starts having haluccinations about his dead ex-girlfriend, Julia.

    -The gun that Dave is holding up is a Tazor gun.

    -Leia is leaving Degrassi for good because her actor is attending Harvard University. On the show, Leia is moving to Hong Kong.

    -Ali will only be on a couple of episodes because her actor, Melinda Shankar, is doing a movie called "How To Be Indie".

    -There are rumors of Adam not being in the season after these epsiodes.

    -Drew gets an STD from Bionca.

    -They are going to start doing Degrassi Minis again soon.

    It starts back as "Degrassi: The Breaking Point" on Tuesday, October 8th, 2010.

    Got any spoilers or corrections then let me know : )

    Your Welcome!

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    The reason Alli is leaving Degrassi is because the actress has to film another movie, but she will be back and (just in case) the person who says "Im leaving Degrassi" is her. I don't know who else is leaving Degrassi and honestly, I don't think anyone else is leaving. And no, i don't think that this is the last season because i went on a website and found out that they have a lot of more episodes (other than the ones coming in fall) so i don't know how they could finish. The show might go on for a couple of years. Well, that finishes me answering all your questions and if you have any more just leave a reply or email me and i will try my best to answer it as soon as possible!

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    Allie is leaving to do her show "How to be indie"

    She will be back though.

    I've heard Eli has a terminal illness and is getting flashbacks of his dead ex girlfriend. It is confirmed that he is hiding another secret. I've also heard some weird rumors that he is a cousin to Ashley (from a previous season).

    I think Clare starts to question her religion. Maybe her parents get divorced? Then she goes gothic to impress eli?

    Declan is back but Holly J doesnt like him anymore.

    I think its leia's voice at the end of the degrassi promo saying "I'm leaving degrassi" though it does sound like Adam...

    SO excited!!

    Edit:No, this is not the last season. Nick Cannon said so himself that degrassi will go on foreva! :)

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    Melinda, who plays Alli, is leaving to film in a new sitcom: How To Be Indie. In the show she may leave because of her strict Indian parents. She might come back.

    Snake enforces a lot of new rules, such as a dress code and police/metal detectors.

    Alli's "life is over" for some reason. (Possibly because she's leaving.) I think she's going to come back because if Alli leaves they need to get rid of Sav too. Sav has to finish his senior year; they wouldn't just cut him out like that. (And he's president!)

    Clare is questioning herself. I think her new emo look is just temporary for Eli. But then Eli says, "I'm just looking out for you", hinting that he's not a fan of Clare's new look. Then she'll change back.

    There's rumors of Eli having a terminal illness. I think it's tberclulocious because it looks like he's coughing into him hand and dropping his books. I think he's going to look at his hand and there's blood all over it.

    Declan is going to come back to Degrassi to be with Holly J. She looks uninterested/worried.

    Dave is pointing a gun, but it doesn't look real. How would he get a real gun past all the police?

    When Jenna looks surprised, she just gets onto that TV show she auditioned for.

    Someone's walking away, and the voice says, "I'm leaving Degrassi." I heard that Leia tweeted about leaving half-way through the season, but I think she already left and they just didn't announce it because she's not a main character.

    The voice in the end of the promo was MUFFLED! It didn't sound like anyone's voice (except maybe Liberty, but she's long gone!) so we'll just have to wait and see.

    This is certanly not the last season!

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    Allie and Leia are leaving. Allie, (in real life) is going to be in a movie. So she might be back.

    Declan will be back too.

    In the promo here are the voices: (in order)

    Sav: "The new dress code must be followed at all times."

    Clare: "This is ridiculous, we're living in a police state!" (I don't know if it's state, but it's something like that.)

    Alli: "My life is so over!" (hinting that she might be moving, or her parents are sending her off somewhere?)

    Clare: "I don't know who I am anymore!"

    An angry Riley maybe..?: "I can't BELIEVE this!"

    Eli: "I'm just looking out for you!"

    No clue: "She'll screw it up big time."

    Leia: "I'm leaving Degrassi."

    Also, K.C. will have a new love interest now that he left Jenna alone with their baby, her name is Jess. AND. I think what happens, and what I've heard, Clare tries to go dark for Eli, (hint hint to why she says she doesn't know who she is anymore.) but Eli likes the old Clare. I've also heard that Eli gets a terminal illness and starts to have hallucinations of his dead ex girlfriend, Julia. :(

    But who knows. Degrassi always has its way of surprising us. :D

    I guess we'll have to wait and see. :]]]]

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    It sounds A LOT like Adam but it is Leia. She is leaving degrassi for good because she is going to Harvard in real life. I love Adam too! :)

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    No, Leia already left. It is definitely Alli because Melinda tweeted about it. She is leaving to film her show "How to be Indie". Fitz and Leia will be gone, I presume because Judy Jiao is going to Harvard (Good for her!) and Fitz got arrested in All Falls Down Part 2. We don't know yet why Alli is leaving, it hasn't been revealed. As for if it is the last season I sure hope not! I love Degrassi!

    I hope I helped.

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    Sav: "The new dress code must be followed at all times." -You won't recognize this school at all

    Clare: "This is ridiculous, we're living in a police state!" -"

    Alli: "My life is so over!" -I hear something big happens to her...

    Clare: "I don't know who I am anymore!" -Stressed from watching Eli almost get stabbed, question Jesus?

    Riley, Bobby, or Eli?: "I can't BELIEVE this!" -Riley being annoying, Bobby in court, Eli with his terminal illness I hear, seeing Julia?

    Eli: "I'm just looking out for you!" -?

    Clare: "You screw it up big time." -to Eli, what did he do this time? I still like him and them together sooo cute.

    Leia, Alli, or Clare?: "I'm leaving Degrassi." -Leia NO ONE CARES!! LEAVE ALREADY!! Alli disgusting go away now. Clare I love you don't leave!


    Uniforms and metal detector - Simpson is souped

    *Alli crying and hugging Clare -I hate you Alli

    *Clare dressed goth -trying to impress Eli, questioning Jesus, Eli having thoughts about Julia

    *Eli looking stressed and dropping things - with your terminal illness...

    *Declan kissing Holly J's neck and Holly J does not look interested -Declan she gotta a new boo u gotta go

    *Dave with "gun" - I heard he's hall monitor and that's a taser cuz u kno degrassis so intense and reaching the breaking point

    *Jenna looks surprised - teen star? pregnancy stuff?

    * Clare crying and running from Eli - Love you Clare don't be sad

    *Alli walking away - please leave

    AHHHH its early but i need spoilers i wanna kno about all the drama i cant wait for two months who do u think i am the patience person

    Source(s): Promo and random rumors
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    Alli is NOT leaving Degrassi. Jenna is because of the baby K.C. gave her.

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    first of all, i don't think it's alli who leaves degrassi. i'm almost positive its leia, because they said that she would only be in it for the first 25 or so episodes.

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