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Is professional wrestling the only sport that is bashed by its own fans? (More inside)?

Really, I don't understand it. Football fans love football. Soccer fans love soccer. Baseball fans love baseball. Sure, they may complain about a few games, a few outcomes, but for the most part, they love and praise the sport, defending it.

Wrestling fans? Day after day I see people bashing and hating on wrestling, calling it boring, stale, fake, etc etc. No matter what happens, there's always SOMETHING to complain about. We're never pleased. Why?

Obviously I doubt if anyone has the perfect answer to this, so just share your comments and thoughts. Why is it that wrestling fans find the need to constantly complain and whine, instead of simply enjoying what is presented? Try to explain your answer. Thanks.

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You can agree, disagree, whatever you want. So long as you explain yourself well, I take into account all opinions.

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    Well, the most obvious reason I can think of as to why wrestling fans complain so much is because wrestling is scripted and the matches are fixed. All of the other sports aren't planned out ahead of time, there are no heels or faces, and the outcome isn't already decided before the sport begins. When wrestling fans see something they don't like or when they think a match was poorly booked, they speak their mind about it because they are disappointed and they feel the management could have done something to make the match or the storyline better. The storylines, feuds and certain wrestlers gimmicks are meant to instill some kind of emotion in the viewers. Especially when it comes to heels, people are supposed to hate them based on their gimmick. Unfortunately, some people take the storylines and gimmicks a little to seriously and start bashing the sport of wrestling in general.

    Wrestling fans can't be pleased or satisfied with anything the management comes up with because they know it's scripted and they will constantly think they could have written it better or made it more to their liking. Wrestling fans almost always want to see a storyline go they way they want, see a deserving wrestling or a wrestler they like get a push, and they want to watch good matches, not poorly booked ones. So when things don't go the way they want them to, they get pissed and they start bashing. Professional Wrestling is meant to be entertainment, so just like many other forms of entertainment, it will have critics and bashers.

    I don't think it's a bad thing that wrestling fans criticize a sport they like, because when they criticize it, they obviously still care about it. In most cases, when someone constantly goes on and on about something they hate, they obviously still care about it because they spend time talking about it, even if it is negatively. It's worse when a fan isn't talking about wrestling at all- they've obviously lost interest in it and don't care about following it anymore. The only kind of people that I hate seeing bashing wrestling, are people who've never even given it a chance and just make fun of it and bash it to try and seem cool.

    When it comes to all of the other sports you mentioned, people enjoy watching them for realness of the sport. Things are more unexpected and anything can happen because nothing is scripted. People don't really bash those sports because when something they don't like happens, they can't blame script writers for not making it better or more enjoyable.

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  • 4 years ago

    I think there are times when the 'real sports get to the verge of striking or when college sports have the random bowl assignments-- then you will see people bashing the leagues as a whole... but the uniqueness of Wrestling once again , like in your last Q, comes down to wrestling being the Sports/entertainment hybrid that Vince likes to brag it up as.... the "It sucks/its boring' attitudes don't come from the athletic side -- sure many may discount the next generation superstars.. Miz and Morrison may not be Jericho and HBK, but by no means are they an insult to the analogy the boring/sucks/bad writing/old heroes... etc that comes down on the entertainment side-- much like somebody who was a fan of House in seasons 1-4 can still be a House fan, even if 5-7 have by most accounts re-defined the series (personally I walked away from House when he went to the psych ward)... but again House is 7 years old... WWE has been putting shows on National TV for nearly 30 years... Raw alone is 18 years and the Smackdown has been the Knots Landing to it's Dallas for 11 Even if the product were consistent (Mae Young Birthing a hand and DX going to Court in Lilliput aside) simply by virtue of the age of the product, it's audience and Target audience there will be issues with opinion of quality -- Using Law and Order as another analogy... If you started watching at the start Chris Noth was the Lead Cop, he went through 2 partners in 2 seasons and then Got Jerry Orbach for like forever-- then Noth Left and Orbach went through 2 more young partners, eventually passing the Torch to Jesse Martin, who went through Farina and Govich ending his run with Sisto who then finished out the series w/ Anderson -- some pairing were better than others, and the rotating Court side could either help a weak cop side or drag down a good cop side. If you came in with Noth there was definitely a different Vibe to the series than when it ended under Sisto... I'm hard pressed to say either actor is better but while it was still Law and Order it was essentially a spin off of it self in the end having had complete turn over in all but 1 of the 6 leads 3 times each

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  • Professional wrestling fans are the biggest critics on this earth. Everything has come kind of critic, wether it be Music, movies, games, whatever it is, everything has a critic.But, most critics find a FEW SMALL problems with something, while wrestling fans are able to find something about EVERYTHING in wrestling they don't like. Football fans, for example, are not like that. They don't like a certain team, but they will go to heIl and back to defend the sport, but wrestling fans find one thing they don't like and they hate it. They hate that wrestling show, they hate that wrestler, they aren't willing to find the good in whatever it is they don't like.

    But the reason wrestling fans always complain, is because you can't always please everyone. Even if your favorite wrestler wins the companies highest title at the biggest show, their biggest fan will complain because of how the match happened. For example, when Chris Jericho won his last World Title, even his biggest fans weren't happy because "he was just keeping it warm for Edge." (Which I laughed when Jericho won and everyone who said that totally ate sh*t.) But the people that complain all the time aren't deserving of what wrestlers go out and do for their enjoyment. They think they just go 9-5 and then go back home, but they don't. It's a hard life, and only gets harder.

    Why don't they enjoy what they are presented with? Because we are all ungrateful bastards.We think that we can never be wrong and that the man whose job it is to perform in the ring is always wrong. We all think that wrestling promoters should drop everything that they do and do everything we tell them to. If that happened, Randy Orton would be the WWE champion forever and John Cena would be dead. Why? Because people on the internet are f*cking stupid. There is no way around that. But here is my theory. If you don't talk, people have to guess wether or not you are stupid. Which basically means, think before you say something so that you don't look like an idiot. But i'm getting off topic here. The main thing I want to get across is basically wrestling is the hardest sport in the world to please the masses. Because each wrestler has a few MILLION people who say they should be somewhere, and another few million saying the complete opposite. You just can't please everyone, and it will always be like this.

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  • 10 years ago

    I agree.

    See i go to other sport sections like Soccer everyday and i see like questions ...like who is going to win this and that and they all get along and all talk about soccer together ....sure we get in fights over some teams some times but somehow we all come together.They ask good questions and like answer perfectly.But here in wrestling sections some trolls just keep on coming here and asking the same questions every day like "Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake and gay" or "Isn't wrestling gay"?What we need to or some wrestling fans need to find something in common and talk about it and wrestling is entairtainment not just some fake sport although it's not like old wwf but come on they still try there best still though i hate,.

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  • Agreed, for some.

    Im adapt to it, & I get satisisfyed. Yea, everyone needs to understand that nobodies going to change something just b/c they dont like it. & I can honestly say, I rarely (if ever) complian, I might bring up something, but I dont complain about it, I just ask for opinions. I adapted to the divas getting little time, I adapted to the PG, I adapted to nearly everything. I'll say that mostly the onyl thing I complain about is Matt & Christian jobbing & being low mid carders.

    But yea, I've told a few ppl off b/c they complain so much about the stupidest things. & most of the time they just complain about something somebody else just complained about 10 minutes earlier, & then for the next 2 days its the "hot topic" of the section.

    I wanna say that mostly only the top users dont complain & make the best, but even we complian every now & then, but we dont go all overboard w/ it.

    But yea, alot of them are never satisyed for the fact that they are relativley new wrestling fans, & just watched clips on youtube of what the older wrestling fans have already experinced, & they want that experience too.

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  • 10 years ago

    It's hard to compare pro wrestling fans to fans of other sports due to the simple fact that outcomes in pro wrestling are already pre-determined. Bookers decide who wins in pro wrestling and everybody knows that, other sports don't have bookers who decides who wins beforehand it's up to the players to determine that themselves. Bookers mostly push guys based on how popular they are. So if the Miz were to defeat Triple H wrestling fans can make the argument that Triple H should have won because he is the bigger star. In other sports popularity is totally irrelevant when it comes down to determining who wins or who is better, so if the Warriors were to defeat the Lakers you can't say the Lakers should have won because they're the more popular franchise.

    What you see is what you get in other sports fans watch more so for their overall love of the sport not so much on who wins because when all is said and done they can't argue on who should have won.

    But is wrestling totally alone here? No similar events happen in Boxing. While boxing is a legitimate sport if a fight isn't stopped and goes the distance judges decide who wins. Judges in boxing in the past have and are still heavily criticized for their several of decisions by both the fans and the fighters themselves. Everybody has a certain criteria that they judge on to determine who won and because of that boxing fans can argue who should have won the particular fight even the judges often disagree on who won.

    Bottomline is yes wrestling is a sport that is often bashed the most by it's own fans but that's only because wrestling is scripted and fans can argue on how something should have been determined but in other sports (with the exception of Boxing) you simply can't do so.

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  • 10 years ago


    Weather it is Total Nonstop Action or World Wrestling Entertainment or any other promotion for that manner, it's all the same, it is all wrestling, and once people start to get that through their heads, this will become a more respective sport outside of the wrestling industry.

    People bash promotion's but then there are people who bash wrestlers. We all do it at some point, I say on a daily basis that I do not like John Morrison and Rey Mysterio and believe they are two of the most overrated wrestlers that I have ever seen in my lifetime as a fan, but we all do it. Hell, we even call our wrestlers, overrated, and sometimes, a lot of fans judge wrestlers by their characters. Ican remember someone asking a question a few months back, do you believe Randy Orton should end his life. So, wresters and wrestling in itself needs to be respected by it's fans.

    Wrestling is the one sport I know that gets bashed so much, and I mean, the only sport by outside fans. But everyone asks, which is better, TNA or WWE. How about which is better, wrestling or wrestling, it's all the same, and as I said, people do not get that.

    You don't see any NFL fans calling someone overrated or picking out certain players, and hating them. They respect the sport and that is the reason why it is so respected by outside fans. Becuase it isn't bashed by actual fans. The same thing goes for any sport other than wrestling.

    So, once people realize, all wrestling is, is wrestling, and not just a russian roulette game, our sport will be respected by outside fans. As of now, we get treated like a second rate fake sport.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes, but it's not a true "sport" the way hockey, football or any other professional sport is because it's scripted.

    It's bashed because it can be critiqued as a whole. Think of it more as a movie than a sport.

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  • 10 years ago

    Not at all. UFC fans bash UFC all the time because they feel Dana White always makes a mistake when it comes to a fight or signing someone to the UFC. The reason we're never pleased with the way wrestling is, is because it's in our nature to complain. Plus we really do have the right to say what we do and don't like about wrestling. We have that power of freedom of speech to do so. I think it's actually a good thing to express your opinions when it comes to something that you don't approve of when talking about wrestling because the companies sometimes does listen to what their fans have to say and do better because of that. It kinda reminds me of constructive criticism.

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  • K2
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    10 years ago

    because "Professional Wrestling" is not a sport. it is a name given to a particular flavor of entertainment television which is SIMILAR to wrestling but is not actually PROFESSIONAL wrestling. professional wrestling is like the wrestling they do in the olympics. there are no folding chairs, no jumping off the ropes, no cage matches. just a circle and 2 guys trying to throw each other out of it.

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