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Im a virgin and im paranoid im pregnant but i never had sex?

Well im 16 and im a virgin and well yes i have my um period at the moment xD dying from it, but my stomach is swollen and well my mother said that she gets a swollen stomach from her period aswell. But can i be pregnant if im still a virgin? My paranoia came when i looked up stuff saying "You can be pregnant even if you get your period" so i asked my mom and she keeps saying "did you have sex?" and i say no then she says "then your not pregnant" but also i got paranoid because we had a party and a guy went the the bathroom like 15 mintues before i went and its totally gross because he didnt flush (i know right sick!) and well i went but a drip touched outside of my vagina and i started getting paranoid, but i got my period and i thought i was fine.

So if im a virgin and i got my period can i get pregnant from that 15 mintues drip?

(please be mature answers, im paranoia because its a condition i have okay?)

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    Dear, you need to educate yourself.

    People have sex, that is how babies are made - if you haven't had sex, you can't be pregnant (unless you have been intimate with a boy and done things with his "boy parts" really close to your "girl parts", but even then it is unlikely.

    If you are not having sex, you can forget about being pregnant - you have a phobia of some sort - you need to educate yourself, stop worrying.

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    No you're not pregnant because you haven't had sex, you're also on your period, so listen to your mum. The drip on the toilet seat would of been urine and you can't get pregnant from wee so you're fine, honestly.

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    Yes you can be a virgin and get pregnant.

    Yes you can be on your period and get pregnant

    but if a boys penis hasn't been anywhere near your vagina then no you aren't pregnant.

    You can't get pregnant from a toilet seat

  • No, you shouldnt be pregnant, the sperm dies of quickly, and if he went to the bathroom, urine cant fertilize the eggs, you arent pregnant.

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    Its all in your head

    Virgin, never had sex and never been near sperm -= not pregnant and very paranoid.

    See your doctor about this

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    your mama is right. youre not pregnant

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    if this worried get a test

  • Calm down, you're not pregnant.

    Urine kills sperm.

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