Question for the ladies, i just got a new roomate, and we have to share the bathroom.......?

how can i make her as happy as possible, got any tips?

BQ - What dont you like about sharing a bathroom with a guy

BQ2 - What do you like, or what would you hope that he would do



thanks everyone except chloe

Update 2:

well i met her just a few hours ago, she seems realy cool and i asked her about the bathroom and she said its cleaner then most bathrooms shes used, sooooo, ill just try and keep it that way

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  • 10 years ago
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    The best way I can sum it up in one sentence, is to clean up after yourself.

    Try to keep the sink clean, especially after you shave. Girls tend to focus on things in the bathroom that DON'T get cleaned up, like little loose hairs, spots on the mirror, toothpaste in the sink, etc. Cleaning up these little things on a regular basis goes a long way.

    Make sure you don't get into the habit of leaving towels or dirty socks laying around... put things like this in the laundry hamper right away.

    Put the toilet seat down.... there's nothing quite as shocking for a girl as getting a wet rear-end in the middle of the night because you absent mindedly sat down to use the can, and the last guy in there didn't lower the seat. And make sure to wipe it off if you need to (same goes for her too, of course! Girls can be guilty of dripping on the seat too!)

    Having a can of Oust or Febreeze in the bathroom is always a good idea.

    Girls tend to have much more bathroom stuff - hair stuff, soap, lotion, etc, than guys do. Hopefully this doesn't bother you. If it is a problem, you two might want to work out some kind of organization of these things that works. Make sure the little trash can in the bathroom (if you have one) doesn't get too full. Some people neglect this until you can't possibly put one more used tissue in there. Ew!

    I'm not saying all girls are neat and tidy, believe me, I have seen some pretty horrific all-female bathrooms. But in general, girls tend to keep the bathroom cleaner than guys left to their own. This is not a reflection on you, of course, since I dont know you... just a general statement. Only time will tell how much your cleanliness vs. hers measures out.

    As far as what I have liked about sharing the bathroom with a guy... me and my ex husband had a bathroom with a big mirror and two sinks. That was nice because we each had our own space, and could stand in there together, and often had pleasant conversations, it was alot like chatting over the breakfast table. Other than that... if the relationship is more than friends, taking a shower at the same time is always nice! :D

    Sorry if this is too long... I like to write :) Good luck.

    Source(s): my own experience
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  • Gaby
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    10 years ago

    Well, for starters...leaving the toilet seat up is NOT a good idea. She'll get pretty pissed off if it's always up. Well, at least I do.....

    Don't move her things around. If she has face wash, makeup, medication, etc on the counter....I wouldn't touch any of it if I were you. Just keep it the way it is.

    Keep the bathroom as clean as possible. Try not to leave water all over the place after showers XD

    BQ: I share a bathroom with my sister....I don't know.... haha

    BQ2: If I DID share a bathroom with a guy, I hope he wouldn't tell me to hurry up in the shower or stop hogging the mirror to put my makeup on. Hahaha.

    I'm glad you asked this question. It's good that you want to make her as comfortable and happy as possible :)

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  • Just try and stay as clean as possible. Don't leave your **** out, fill up the soap when its empty, put in new toilet paper when its gone, and close the toilet seat.

    BQ: Well I shared a bathroom with a guy and he didn't do anything I listed above. (except for closing the toilet seat, he was pretty good at that). And he never helped me clean the bathroom.

    BQ2: As long as you stay clean and considerate to the other people using the bathroom, you should be good(:

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  • 10 years ago

    Most women like the toilet seat down .. me personally, i dont care.

    Don't touch her things - that's just invading her privacy.

    Make any mess? Clean it up (;

    If you wish to use anything of hers - ask, don't take.

    Don't leave hairs lying around.

    Have everything organized and tidy.

    Any smells? Use some spray please.

    Don't fart or burp - not attractive to be around.

    Don't have water dripping from the shower curtain onto the floor - its very messy and you both could slip.

    Don't move her belongings around.

    Don't leave your clothes in the bathroom when you get changed.

    Any bugs in there? If your brave, GET RID OF THEM! Most girls would FREAK! like me ^_^

    I don't mind sharing a bathroom with a guy unless it stinks after hes used it.. its real offputting.

    Just don't expect her to clean everything up and leave it in top condition as you arrived.

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  • 10 years ago

    Toilet seat down, don't touch her stuff, stay organized, wipe the seat down, don't use her razors... Basic stuff, you know? If you shave, make sure you rinse the hair out of the sink and clean the traps out in the sink/shower. Keeping some Febreeze in there for after code browns wouldn't hurt either.

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  • 3 years ago

    hmmm... some thing fishy here... 1 / 4 of a million greenback townhouse that for the time of uncomplicated terms has ONE bathing room????? and everyone who's wealthy does not desire or want a roommate. once you have money, your privateness is greater substantial than saving a greenback. end: sure, you're being stupid. your tale has too many holes in it.

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  • 10 years ago

    Just dont be disgusting, pick up all your clothes and stuff and you'll be good.

    BQ: When my brother gets out of the shower, he leaves ALL his clothes there for like a week. Normally I would pick it up, but I'm so sick of it. I want to see how long it'll take him to notice.

    BQ2: He's pretty clean, its just that he leaves all his crap on the floor.

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  • 10 years ago

    PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN. If you happen to miss the toilet, wipe it up. Don't leave dirty clothes laying on the floor. My husband doesn't do any of these things and I really wish he would.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    leaving the toilet seat up, leaving laundry or sweaty clothes hanging inside bathroom

    put he seat down after use, maybe help clean it, and dont leave smell clothes in to dry

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  • 10 years ago

    I read all your great answers and I would like to add that you could be every ladies night in shinning armor if You CLEANED THE TOILET....!!!!!!!!!!!! this is true

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